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November 14, 2021

6:00 and all is well :-)

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Aye, it is Smile well, actually it’s 6:30 now and I’ve been  outside to greet the fine morning whilst I was on my way to my big freezer to dig out some stores for the week ahead at work. Though why I actually need a BIG freezer is a bit of a mystery really, cos I’ve an under the counter one in the kitchen and I do live alone, well almost Smile


Bonzo and Molly are still in bed, they unlike me having little trouble sleeping Smile Though having said that, I have at last started sleeping right through until the alarm goes off. Well I did one day at least but the other two I was actually in bed when it went off, if not actually asleep. Today being Sunday I don’t actually need an alarm but even so it was 5:55 before I awoke to find myself wedged in by two dugs.

This ‘messing around with clocks’ really does feck me up Sad smile Luckily I’ve had neighbours who have been dealing with the pigs so at least they’ll be getting fed on time. Me, I’ve been virtually coming in from work and going straight to bed being too tired to do anything. Luckily normality is gradually being restored and this morning I’m feeling, well like it is morning and not the middle of the night.

So I find myself this fine morning with a little time on here before setting off for work on the good ship Hallaig.


The first week back


The ‘office’ is certainly looking spic and span after her annual service and MOT Smile


An additional crew member being our very own ex purser Finlay, now promoted to ‘Pool Skipper’ and no he’s not asleep, it’s just a pish photograph Smile


Some VIP’s arriving at Raasay House the other day Winking smile


A group of shags drying off their wings during one of the brief periods of sunshine, not that there is much of the stuff at Sconser in the winter.


Back to walking the dugs at lunchtime once more this time up at the Home Loch which has had a lovely path made around it.

P1190627 P1190628

It looks a bit of a war zone after the forest was cleared a couple of years back but already the new growth is starting to push through. Pretty soon it’ll look far better than the oppressive plantation it replaced.


Free to good home

The Egg Chariot is needing a new home if anyone wants it? No MOT, needs an exhaust, brake discs, done a million miles, free to uplift from Sconser.

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