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November 7, 2021

Water, water everywhere :-)

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Well, I’m glad to see the back of Saturday that’s for sure, the only good thing about it being that for much of the day I thought it was Sunday. So, when I actually realised I’d a whole extra day before going back to work it put a whole new perspective on what was left of the day Smile The morning being so boodly wet and miserable that even Bonzo was reluctant to step outdoors. Of course Molly still wanted to go and spend the day in her cage in the Land Rover just in case she missed something. I  long since given up trying to bring her back into the nice warm house cos she just waits at the door trembling every time  I go anywhere near it.

The only good thing about yesterday being that it was a perfect day for clearing drains, so that was my first task of the day. Wrapping up in in oilskins, wellies and thick rubber gauntlets I set about removing leaves grass and detritus from the many drains and watercourses about the croft. Whilst not being very conducive to photography it is very satisfying if you’re wearing waterproofs that actually work Smile

P1190525 P1190526

It was good to see my previous labours with the digger and dumper working so well. That entire area now full of treasure or junk depending on your perspective being a former burn.

P1190528 P1190527

The raging torrent now flowing underground through various bits of pipe, many of them salvaged from the sea or shore. You can never have too much pipe Smile


The gravelled area I’d been working on recently was lovely and dry


but the drain keeping it that way was only just coping with the deluge.

On the theme of water

With all my drains working and the planned concreting at the Schoolhouse put on hold due to the weather I thought I’d change my water filters. My water supply comes from a tiny well up above the house, how this well never runs dry even in the driest of spells is beyond me as the water rises from below a rocky outcrop that is much higher than surrounding terrain. it’s nice water but not as nice as the water at my old house or the supply at Torran and I’m sure that if I were to have it analysed it be classed as unfit for drinking. However, it makes a lovely cup of tea and complements the finest of single malts to perfection.

Whilst I’m perfectly happy with the untreated wholemeal organic stuff that comes straight out of the ground it does leave stains in the shower base and toilet bowl. Whites also are less than white when machine washed but that’s one of the advantages of having bleach in your regular tap water hey Smile  I try and mitigate this by filtering out some of the solids with filters.


Three of them in line of 20, 5 and 1 micron in diameter, once the solids have been filtered the water passes through a UV filter but I only fitted that to satisfy ‘Building Control’, I’ve never actually ever switched it on.

P1190530 P1190532

I figured that generations lived here into their ripe old age without UV filtered water and having the thing switched on 24/7 using electricity was a bit of a waste.

So, after replacing my filters I stayed in the ‘bunker’ and fitted a change over switch so I could select a different immersion heater for heating the top section of the thermal store


Normally if I need to boost the domestic hot water for showering I press that switch on the left and select the time required to turn the top immersion heater on. As the lower one is spare I figure it would be good to have the option to switch that one on instead as it would heat more of the store if, like today I had an excess of power.


Well, that seemed to work well enough after last night’s gale, the water in the store is more evenly heated and it’s stopped raining Surprised smile Time to go and walk Bonzo methinks

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