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November 6, 2021

Stiff at 7:00 :-(

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Well that’s true enough, it is three minutes to seven and I am boodly stiff, cranky and sore, my head and right hand thumb being the worst offenders in my motely assortment of limbs. The back and left arm being joint runners up in the competition for worst ailment. Worst bit of it being that me sore head is the result of a tumble and not excess alcohol, though I did try some last night in an attempt to ease the bruised left hand. Not by drinking any but by holding an ice cold can of some lager called Hell in it to soothe the bruise, I just drunk it to keep the cans coming cool and fresh Smile 


P1190502 P1190503

A walk along the track to Torran with Bonzo started the day to formulate a plan and drink more black coffee, this being the variety that’s so strong I need to put three large sugars in it to drink it. I don’t take sugar with anything normally but percolated coffee that’s so strong and sweet you can stand the spoon up in it reminds me of Italy. Sure it leaves me rattling, jumpy an unable to sleep too but it’s not something I partake of regularly.

However sat down at the breakfast table we formulated a plan for taking my mixer, cement and aggregate over after they’d done a spot of fishing and I’d sorted out my Youshiko weather station. Having given up on it the previous evening and emailed the company saying I wanted to return it. Much to my surprise I had an email back in the morning asking me if they could phone me up and talk me through it. So after arranging a time they could call I set about getting ready for their call.

I’m not really of the digital age, being more of a spanners and hammers guy but I have configured a weather station to upload to Weather Underground before so the first thing I did was re ‘pair’ the sensors with the base station. This shouldn’t have needed doing but for some reason they had lost communication through the night. Pairing them is just simply a matter of putting them next to each other and resetting the sensor unit by pressing the reset button beneath it.

Well that got them talking to each other again so I then sat down in front of the ‘puter awaiting the call


and by some minor miracle I managed to get it working on my own, methinks one of the dialogue boxes needed changing from WPA to WAP or was it the other way round? whatever, I got it sorted before the nice man phoned me Winking smile


Available for all to see

And with this being the forecast for today :-


I don’t think I’ll be walking far this morning with Bonzo in fact I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere until lunchtime Smile

Anyway back to yesterday the plan got somewhat distracted when my Mate informed me they’d found some treasure whilst out catching fish. A 20m length of fish farm pipe was floating in the sea at Tarbert and need rescuing prior to mixing any concrete.

P1190509 P1190511

So off we went in the Pioner Maxi around to Tarbert, which is when I managed to slip on the shore, fall in the boat head first, crack my head and bruise my right thumb Sad smile

P1190513 P1190514

Mind you, it was worth it, we managed to salvage 37M of 100mm MDPE pipe and get it ashore at our slipway. Not actually sure what we’ll do with it but you can never have too much pipe Winking smile

P1190515 P1190516 P1190517

The rest of the afternoon being spent mixing concrete with a sore thumb Smile

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