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November 1, 2021

A creepy tree for Halloween?

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Seven PM on ‘All Hallows eve’ and I’m drinking coffee trying to stay awake! Can’t even blame it on lack of sleep cos I was in bed early last night and up late (for me) this morning. So I can’t even say I’m ‘tired and shagged out after a long squawk’

cos I’ve had a pretty leisurely Sunday. Even allowing for the clock movement it’s still only 8:00PM though it seems to have been dark since 5:00 Sad smile 


Bonzo and I set off down through the birch woods looking for ‘shrooms and hoping to emerge on the Torran track so I could collect those scarlet wax caps I found the other day. I must have already driven past them two or three times but failed to find them from the Mule.


 P1190350 P1190349

Not only did we find the ones by the side of the track but I found some more in the wood.

Returning home for muesli before setting off for to Torran by Mule along with my tools but no dugs.


With the two studs I’d bonded into the gable with Hilti HIT resin yesterday nicely cured I rolled the beam from the horizontal position to the vertical. It was already supported on the shelf brackets I’d screwed onto the support beam below but I placed the digger boom directly under it so at least if it came off whilst moving it wouldn’t fall.



It went perfectly and slotted nicely into the pre drilled holes and once tapped in with a wooden mallet I secured it with nuts and washers.


Not being perfectly level I gently lifted it at one end with Calum’s boom, and put some shims under it before hardening up the M12 nuts.

P1190386 P1190387

I then injected the resin into the other nine holes tapped in the studs and left it to cure. Methinks it’s around 18 hours at 10 degrees for the HIT 500 resin so 24 will be plenty and I’ll not be going over until it stops pishing down.

Colourful dinner


The scarlet wax caps I had with venison, sweet potato and veg


but methinks steaming them with the veg was a mistake, I should have fried them with the strips of fillet. The water in the bottom of the steamer was a lovely red and I think that’s where most of the flavour went cos they were quite bland Sad smile

A terrible night

Well the coffee never worked last night, I was in bed shortly after 20:30 and out like a light, waking up two hours later convinced it was morning Sad smile The well forecast gale and rain arriving shortly after and irrationally keeping me awake. I say irrationally cos I’d already secured everything prior to coming in for the night. There were no sheets of corrugated iron or wood likely to go into orbit. All the doors on my sheds were bolted shut, my caravan well secured and my boat wasn’t swinging on its mooring in the loch. Even so I awoke every hour or so imagining the worst, finally abandoning my bed around 6:00. It’s 7:00, now just getting light and if anything the weather seems worse, though that could be just cos the room I’m in is more exposed to the north west than my bedroom. I can’t say I’m thrilled at going over to Torran anytime soon, though allegedly it’s supposed to ease off and brighten up later.

The creepy tree

The north westerly gale doesn’t seem to have done my mad willow tree any harm right enough.

P1190389 P1190390

Now I’m certainly no gardener but 3 or 4 years ago I planted this willow at the bottom of my garden. I dunno what sort it was cos my MiL gave it me but it’s some kind of weeping willow and isn’t so supposed to grow very far up the way. This summer I’ve noticed something growing in amongst it at an alarming rate, literally 2 or 3 feet over the course of the summer. As its leaves are completely different from the tree I just assumed it was something barmy that had fell off the bird table and grown as it’s now about 7 or 8 feet tall.


These are the short fat leaves of the weepy tree


and these are the leaves of the mad plant that grew so quickly and vertically over the summer. Well yesterday, with the tree having shed quite a few I was able to have a look around the base and much to my surprise this is actually growing from the trunk of the tree Surprised smile Methinks I’ve got a Triffid  in my garden Smile


And now it’s actually stopped raining we’re off out Smile

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