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October 23, 2021

And I thought it was all over!

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It’s been a breezy kinda damp day but not half as bad as expected. Not that you would have guessed it by the fine mild morning that beckoned me outside around 7:30. I’d already decided to go out early before the rain arrived, move the Land Rover into the shed, feed the pigs and walk Bonzo, he’s not overly keen on rain either Smile

The sky that I saw to the east  showing a hint of what lay ahead within its reddish hue so rather than our usual walks towards the west we headed north east.

P1190199 P1190200 P1190201

The sky brightening quickly and the deer watching us with interest.

P1190203 P1190202

There were plenty more in the wood, probably being chased by a wee brown bouncy dog cos that was the last I saw of Bonzo the ’self walking dog’. I used to get distraught when he disappeared on me but he always comes back home. I dare not let him off the lead anywhere else cos he chases anything and everything but here at Arnish there are no sheep, the pigs can look after themselves, the rabbits fair game and its his and Molly’s patch anyway Smile 

Having pretty much given up on the ‘shrooms I hadn’t brought a bag with me so was really taken aback when I stumbled on a chanterelle mine just east of my old house.

P1190204 P1190205 P1190206

Not only where there plenty of them but many were young, fresh and firm so made a mental note to return with a bag before heading deeper into the wood.

P1190207 P1190208 P1190211

Disturbing more deer and an early woodcock on the way, also came across the first fly agaric mushroom I’ve seen this year.

P1190209  P1190210

Once at the far side of the valley I picked up the road and headed home being confident that Bonzo would be there before me. Sure enough he arrived at the same time as me, no doubt ready for his muesli Smile 


Once we’d eaten we returned to the ‘mushroom mine’ to collect lunch, dinner  and probably breakfast too.

It’s the simple things that are the hardest

Sure enough by the time I’d gotten back with the chanterelles it was not only pishing down but blowing half a gale. Well it was probably a full gale at sea but Arnish is pretty well sheltered from that direction so we don’t feel it the same. Perfect shed weather, which was where I headed to fix my diff lock indicator light.


I fitted a new switch and tested it before refitting the transfer box, the switch simply makes a connection to earth when you select the centre differential lock. So, it should have been a simple matter of connecting the wire off the switch to the black and blue one on the wiring loom and that should have been it. Not a chance, having wasted a couple of hours on it yesterday I attacked it with new vigour today. To cut a very long story short the printed circuit on the dash light assembly had failed Sad smile


I tried without success to solder it but eventually gave up and fitted a different type of bulb holder in an used lamp and wired that up to the switch. Sounds simple enough but it took me all day.

Land Rover diff lock static test - Road test part 2 - The Fine Art of Land  Rover Maintenance - YouTube

Now instead of the correct light illuminating the 24V one lights up, but at least I know the diff lock is in so it’ll do for now, I managed to find a second hand panel on eBlag.


Had some chanterelles with home cured bacon for lunch


and added a whole heap of them to a pasta sauce I made last night having it for dinner with spaghetti and I’m pure stuffed.

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