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October 22, 2021

She’s on her way :-)

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What a topper of a day it’s been and I couldn’t wait to get out into it, at this time of year days like today have to be utilized fully cos it might be weeks before you see another. One thing for sure the next nice day will be shorter for it’s getting that time of year when they’ll soon be feckin about with the clocks again. I gotta say that this week has been a week of pleasant surprises, first I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and just now I was convinced the clocks ‘fell back’ tomorrow. I was just about to have my annual rant about the lunacy of feckin about with clocks when Mr Google told me it was next weekend Smile. Just as well cos it was starting to go dark when I came in at 18:00, Next Sunday it’ll be fully dark by then Sad smile

Anyway, that aside after the morning feeding of Marmalade, Jiffy and Spotty, Bonzo and I put Molly in the back of the car and went to collect some treasure. OK, rubbish off the shore down at Tarbert. The mooring buoy we’d found yesterday needed rescuing or at least pulling further up the shore. So off went along the road as far as Rainey’s Wall, that Berlin Wall of Raasay’s North End, built to keep the plebs to the less fertile end of the island lest they should interfere with the Laird’s game.


Deviating from the road at this the narrowest point of the island we headed down to the shore by the old sheep fank that used to serve South Arnish.


Never used for sheep during my tenure I did occasionally keep weaners in there when we used to breed pigs. I dunno how many generations it has served but there certainly have been different masons responsible for its walls.

 P1190158 P1190159 P1190160 P1190161 P1190162 P1190163

This being clearly visible in the different styles of ‘dry stone’ walling.

P1190164 P1190165

Once down on the shore I rolled the buoy well above the high water mark. Not that long ago I would have dragged it all the way up to the road, trust me I have done it! Not that anyone would steal it but to prevent the boodly kayakers burning it as they have in the past, several treasures including a telegraph pole have all gone up in smoke Sad smile 

Over the hill

Rather than take the road back home I chose to take the ‘shortcut’ home. There was a shortcut from Tarbert to South Arnish ‘back in the day’ but its starting point was demolished when ‘Calum’s Road’ was adopted by the Council. Consequently Bonzo and I followed Rainey’s Wall for a few yards the turned north towards home.

P1190167 P1190168 P1190170

The thick heather making it hard going for me but Bonzo bounced all the way Smile


Once up at the highest point above the road the going got much easier

P1190174 P1190176 P1190178

though we were constantly being watched by deer and a sea eagle.

Eventually we came across what is left of the old path

P1190181 P1190182

it is there, honest Smile


Sonas, North Arnish is the ruin about a mile away directly above the furthest wind turbine and Calum’s croft house with the red roof to the right.


A fine view of Torran from up there too.

A couple of warning lights

This took us up to breakfast where I tucked into my muesli, ensuring I picked out all the raisins before letting the dugs have their share. All the while wondering where have all the grape seeds gone, probably the same place as the dark meat from a chickens legs. Am I the only feckin person that prefers seeds in my grapes? I used to see them occasionally in Lidl but not recently Sad smile Why is it that folk prefer lean meat, the fat is where the flavour is, same with grapes and the dark chicken meat. It’s too late to go ‘off on one’ just now, I’ll save that rant for another day Smile

What I’d set my heart on doing today was wiring up my reversing lights and diff lock light on the ‘Old Girl’. The switches hadn’t been connected or wired by Tayside Land Rover and I’d never bothered doing anything about it cos I knew the transfer box would be coming out. Both the switches and wiring being far easier to access with that out or lowered. However fitting the new switches and wiring up to the bulkhead was only  part of the problem. My vehicle having three different wiring looms of various ages fitted plus a new front to rear one made by me.


After taking several hours over the reversing lamp I’d had enough so decided to go the beach at Screapadale with the dugs.

P1190184 P1190185 P1190186

It’s a few years since I’ve been down there and last time it was possible to turn on the beach, however a rather large piece of driftwood prevented that option leaving to reverse back out.

P1190189 P1190188

Although there was no sign of any person boat are vehicle anywhere in the vicinity the fire was still warm and smouldering on the beach.

Feeling suitably invigorated after our walk, even Molly enjoyed it cos it was new I returned home to have a go at my diff lock light.


Hmmmm, very much ‘work in progress’ as dusk approached and the deer crept down the hill.

P1190192 P1190196

She’s left the Clyde Smile


Hallaig left James Watt Dock today and is berthed behind the MV Loch Fyne in Campbelltown tonight.

 Hallaig Cam

She’s the wee blue one.


  1. Lovely start to the day, your blog and coffee. What a stunning place you live. Vicarious pleasures!

    Comment by todthedog — October 23, 2021 @ 6:23 am

    • Lovely welcome to my morning coffee too Tod but ‘blowin’ a hoolie’ here and set to rain. Must get Bonzo out before it arrives.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 23, 2021 @ 6:48 am

  2. Great to see you are blogging again! I’m interested by the fank. I’ve been photographing Mull fanks (stone) using a drone, done 50 so far, and have an exhibition of them in local art centre just now. Was South Arnish a crofting township with shared grazing? The big stone fanks here have all been built post clearances. I’ll have to put it on my list of off island fanks to visit one day.

    Comment by Carolyne Charrington — October 23, 2021 @ 6:27 am

    • Good morning Treshnish 🙂 I can fully appreciate your fascination with sheep fanks, I’ll try and visit more. There are some interesting ones here at Raasay’s North End. South Arnish is the common grazing that I share with a neighbour from Dunfermline!

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 23, 2021 @ 6:46 am

  3. Very interesting to see the skills or lack of in the dry stone walling. Have dabbled in the past and whilst I’m brilliant I can make a respectable wall. I was taught never to put down what I picked up. It goes somewhere. Not sure why anyone would want to set a buoy alight?!? Do have to agree regarding the dark meat thoughts. Seems the world is heading a bit down a daft road with that one. Although if you gave my kids seeded grapes I’m sure they’d turn their noses up as it’s not what they’re used to. Nice to the landy go on a wander!

    Can’t help but look at the photo’s and wonder if I could fit a family in there somewhere… probably not but it’s a nice dream to have!

    Comment by Matt — October 23, 2021 @ 12:17 pm

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