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October 19, 2021

A festival :-)

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True to the forecast, it wasn’t such a great day today. The torrential downpour did arrive as predicted, unfortunately my hydro turbine couldn’t take advantage of all the water flowing down the Arnish valley. XC weather quite correctly indicated a relatively dry start to the day and after managing to stay in bed until 7:30 Bonzo and I set off to make the most of it. Molly waited in the car after we fed the jumpy piglets.


Marmalade, Jiffy and Spotty being a lot less jumpy than they were and with every feed they get bolder and bolder leaving less and less in their dishes for the crows to polish off. Not that long ago I’d have taken to lying in wait for hoodies with a shotgun but nowadays I’m quite fond of my little ‘murder of crows’.

Anyway Bonzo and I didn’t take the usual route to the Secret cove, instead we cut off the path at the bottom of the hill


and headed for the sea. There is a spot just off the road where I once found some winter chanterelles

though that was years ago and I’ve never seen them there since. Dunno why they’re named chanterelles cos I don’t think they are and I prefer the Dutch name of yellow legs cos that is what they have Smile Unlike chanterelles they have a hollow stem and much firmer flesh, another name for them being trumpets. Whatever, as in previous year there were none so Bonzo bounced and I lumbered on by and to the shore.

P1190107 P1190109

Torran’s vivid golden aspen a sharp contrast to the less advanced autumnal hues around them.


Unlike the aspen above the secret cove that had shed almost all their foliage.

P1190110 P1190111

Once down at the shed I checked the output across the phases directly at the turbine.

P1190112 P1190113 P1190114

I’d already done up at the shed yesterday but was just hoping in vain that it was caused by a bad connection in the wiring or isolator, alas no Sad smile


Still, the journey did turn up two nice big ‘shrooms which I fried in butter and had on brown bread with a fried egg for lunch. Made a welcome change from my usual rabbit food Smile

Most of the rest of my day was spent putting the transfer box back in the ‘Old Girl’ which should have taken me about an hour but I managed to stretch out all day. So being how there’s only so many angles you can photograph a Land Rover transfer box from I thought I’d look at my phone gallery as I’ve not actually used my Panasonic since I stalled blogging.

The first festie

Sure I’ve kept banging on about lockdown not really affecting me up here, well one area it did was the festival circuit, I’ve no been to one in years, well it feels like it. So the week prior to the annual docking the dugs and I took off to Girvan to see my ex wife who’d agreed to watch Molly and Bonzo for a few weeks whilst I was away at dock. It just happened to coincide with the Playground Festival in Glasgow too . Well, it would have been a sin not to go hey, Friday night I went with Barbara and her sister, Saturday with Ross and finally Sunday night with Barbara once more

Friday’s highlight being Orbital,

Saturday’s Vitalic

and Sunday, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Martha may be 82 but she still puts on a show Smile Macy Gray was pretty good too and Nile Rodgers would have been awesome had the pishing rain not driven us away Sad smile

Sure it was great to see some live bands again and despite the poor organization and long queues at the beer tents it was awesome and a great venue at Rouken Glen Easy to get to from Barrhead where we stayed, not too busy and no queues to get in despite having to provide proof of a negative COVID test taken in the last 24h


  1. Morning Paul, bad thunder resulting in a collie in the bed torrential rain.

    In Finisterre, British chanterelles are called girolles, winter chanterelles are just chanterelles. Just to confuse!

    Comment by todthedog — October 20, 2021 @ 5:40 am

  2. So good to wake up to another dose of life a good distance from my own! Ahh haven’t heard Orbital in a long while but I’ve got Martha on vinyl let alone on the infernal Alexa devices should I want to see my daughter dance. Great to hear she’s still knocking out songs when most of us would have put our feet up and relaxed!

    I’m intrigued regarding your Crows. You must be the first person I know that lives a mostly rural lifestyle to say they were okay with them being there. What on earth changed your mind?

    Comment by Matt — October 20, 2021 @ 8:10 am

    • Aye Matt I saw Orbital 21 years ago in what was billed as their last UK gig before splitting up. Twenty years later I saw them play their first ever gig when they got back together, though I can’t for the life in me remember where it was.

      I’ve just grown to admire crows over the years, they’re just so intelligent. Sure when I saw them digging up my spuds, stealing my eggs, pulling the eyes or stomachs out of sick sheep I used to feel differently and I’ve shot dozens. However, latterly it just became a thing I did and my wife used to ask why I did it and to be honest I didn’t have an answer. I’d stopped keeping sheep and growing spuds, they only took the eggs that the hens were daft enough to lay outside and watching them trying to steal the pig feed was quite amusing. My ex wife used to say “they’re just trying to get by” and I guess she was right 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 20, 2021 @ 2:16 pm

      • I remember them splitting … hearing it on the Radio as I drove to Edinburgh for work. Never thought they’d work together again but I guess if groups like ABBA can then anyone can!

        Your ex wife was a smart thinker. I’d have not considered what they weren’t doing in-between me trying to shoot the little buggers. They really are a nightmare but I imagine if they’re doing minimal damage to your property then you’re just wasting money trying to get rid of them.

        Comment by Matt — October 20, 2021 @ 2:38 pm

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