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October 17, 2021

I’m overwhelmed :-)

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I awoke this morning to what turned out to be a fine autumn day, not that I knew it at the time cos it was still dark. All I could see outside was the lights of a couple of fishing boats heading north. Plus of course the two eyes of a new toilet block below the Storr staring at me malevolently across the sea Sad smile Sure the Storr badly needed a car park and toilets, I just wish the Council would have put the lights somewhere else Smile I know, I know, it’s no big deal in the grand scale of things but since I moved here in 1989 I’ve never been able to see a single light barring the odd boat at sea or car traveling along the Staffin road. I feel like I’m being spied on Smile Don’t suppose it would be so bad if there was just one light or even three but this pair of eyes can see right in my bedroom Smile


To be honest it’s a long while since I’ve risen in darkness, my new semi retirement regime necessitating longer hours in bed, though I suppose it’ll be inevitable next week when the clocks go back. Next time I go to work on the ferry I’ll not be seeing daylight at home until March 2022. Once I did arise though I was overwhelmed by all the messages on the blog. Camilli the hermit is most appreciative of all your comments thanks.

The last chanterelles?

Having massaged my ego with all the comments on the blog we went out to feed the wiglets. Don’t think Bonzo has ever seen one before Smile Given his desperation to chase anything with legs or even wings I was most anxious to be there for the introductions Smile

P1190059 P1190062

Well, that went quite well both he and Spotty seemed to behave though I’m sure it would have been a different story had I not been there shouting at him Smile

Next  I headed off out with the dogs though the old girl Molly never made it past the Disco parked on the drive. She’s getting pretty old, stiff and cranky like me these days and a few yards is about all she can manage these days. Sure,if it’s somewhere new and on the pavement she’ll go a little further, methinks she’s taking a leaf out of my book too Smile Not Bonzo that’s for sure, Bonzo, he’s an action dog so the pair of us headed into the woods looking for ‘shrooms. The mushroom season seemed to get off to a late start on account of it being so dry but once they did finally come out there’s been a good steady picking to be had. Having said that they were pretty thin on the ground today but it is mid October.


P1190064 P1190065 P1190069

Barely enough chanterelles for lunch was all I could find but that’s all I’d pick anyway, just took me longer to find them.

Loch Arnish was like glass so it’s resident (well they’ve certainly been resident this year) porpoises were playing just offshore.

P1190066 P1190067

A bit too far to get a decent shot with me old trusty Panasonic. That big grey mooring buoy drifting in the loch gives you some idea of their size, they’re about 1.2m x 1m.

The Stream Engine

Once back home I revisited my hydro turbine removing the clamp from the magnet I’d bonded to the rotor. It seemed to have got a got grip though when offered up for assembly it was a few mm proud of the others and an even ‘air gap’, the distance between rotor and stator is desirable.


Luckily I had a plastic Vernier gauge with which to measure it, it being virtually impossible with a steel one Smile Carefully I ground the magnet down and managed to achieve an acceptable even gap all round. Not much else was done on the Stream Engine other than giving it lots of coats of aerosol primer in the hope of delaying the onset of more corrosion. I would spray a coat of paint on and then crawl under the Old Girl for an hour whilst it dried before adding more paint. I’m pretty determined to get the hydro turbine fitted tomorrow as it’s supposed to pish down on Tuesday.

Rural broadband

Being a perfectly calm and dry day my next task was replacing the broadband dish thingy on the house.


That wee square thing communicates with a mast on a hill about half a mile away which in turn communicates with a dish on the Aros Centre in Portree. The signal from Portree is then relayed to other masts on the Applecross Peninsula and Rona. The new dish I fitted is supposed to be an upgrade though to be honest it’s been perfectly OK as it is or should I say was.

P1190081 P1190082

I do hope the wind doesn’t catch the new one, the upload speed certainly seems much better with the new one. The old one was around 10meg download and .5 to 1meg upload. After fitting the new dish it was 11.6 download and 3.83 upload which is plenty for my needs.


He’s a long way away but making lots of noise Smile It’s that time of year when the stags are rutting, strutting their stuff, wallowing in mud, fighting and bellowing like fog horns. Not heard any close by yet but that’s probably cos the house is so well insulated and I’m pretty deaf but they’re pretty vocal above North Arnish.

That’s not all that happened today but it’s after my bed time so I’ll leave for now and thanks once more for the nice ‘welcome back’

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