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November 9, 2020

Three apples!!!!

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Another fine day ahead methinks, perhaps not sunny but mild and dry by the look of it. Orion greeted me this morning as I awoke at the sane time of just before 6:00 minus the usual weight of ‘wee dug’ on top of my clean quilt cover. Dunno if she doesn’t like the smell of t he new fabric conditioner or she just wanted to be near the remnants of yesterday’s roast lamb, which, thanks to my neighbours and dinner guest was served with an abundance of mint sauce Smile Obviously someone had been reading my blog, perhaps after this and the anchovy episode I should post my shopping lists on here more frequently Smile Many thanks to all concerned Winking smile

The normal ‘hot water bottle’ that resides by my feet


being curled up in the living room, rather than on Klimt’s The Kiss


Or perhaps she felt threatened by the presence of Orion outside the bedroom window. Anyway, I’ve done my morning stretching, demolished a pot of coffee and ‘wee dug’ has still not stirred, I guess she’ll be saving her energy for pig feeding shortly, whereupon she’ll accompany me in an attempt to steal their food, talking of which.


My dinner guest brought me a box of apples yesterday for Rodney, Tirpitz and Bismarck so I deposited one in each of their troughs before going to let them back on the croft for the night. I guess I was a little early as they were not waiting for me by the gate and like me are still a little ‘confused’ by the clock changing nonsense. By the time I’d found them and led them to their dishes and tasty apples, the apples had gone!!!!! all three of them and without a trace!! Sure it must have been Murdo and John my two resident hoodies but how the feck does a hooded crow fly off with a whole apple? Sure I’ve seen them lift eggs and even dig up spuds and peck at them on the ground but how on earth do they lift and fly with an apple in their claws or beak. Not only that but there’s only two of them, so one must have returned for the third apple. Gotta try and get a picture of this after leaving more apples for them today Smile

It works Smile


Before basting my lamb shoulder in finely chopped garlic, rosemary and olive oil for its spell in the oven I returned back to yesterday’s conundrum, the low fuel warning light. After bypassing that wee ‘secret’ PCB taped inside the instrument cluster loom and replacing it with a wire that now went all the way back to the red (rearmost) connection on the tank sender unit.

P1180819 P1180820 P1180822

After that it was time to set about the front light wiring harness which was also an amalgam of two different ones but a much more straight forward task of simply connecting like to like using crimps and ‘shrink wrap’. The mini blow torch proving better than the heat gun when it came to multiple individual connections rather than larger sections.

  P1180832 P1180842

Amazing what a difference 20 minutes can make hey, there’s the moon at 8:00am and the Storr at 8:20, now it’s time for first breakfast Smile


  1. Wait … you’re suggesting a crow took a whole apple?!? Are these crows from the movie ‘The Crow’ and back up Eagle Owls in fights?

    Comment by Matt — November 9, 2020 @ 5:06 pm

  2. As a long time follower of your blog, I always look to see if you’ve posted as I enjoy reading your posts so much! I hope you and yours are well, safe and happy!

    Comment by dreamsofthedragonfly — November 26, 2020 @ 10:06 pm

    • Spot the spam.

      Comment by San — December 1, 2020 @ 8:19 am

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