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October 24, 2020

Wasted :-(

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Well, that just about sums me up today, pure wasted, not just me but the whole day for I’ve barely stepped out of the house. Sure I’ve had the washing machine and tumble drier going for much of it, the house is spotless and I’ve lovely clean fresh sheets on the bed. However I’ve not actually done anything outdoors bar feeding the hens and pigs.

The problem being very much alcohol related Sad smile After yesterday’s rather productive day I celebrated with a couple of Mates over a venison stew, having been invited over to the Torran Schoolhouse for ‘dinner at seven’, I should have known it would go ‘pear-shaped’ when wee dog refused to accompany me!!! Normally I have difficulty stopping her but last night, after showering and getting ready for dinner she flatly refused to get on the quad after I put a bottle of red and ten year old single malt in my slippers.


It was an ominous sign and I said as much to my hosts upon arriving at the Schoolhouse and removing the drink from it’s shock proof packaging before putting them on my feet. Dinner and the company was excellent and after just one can of Stella, two small glasses of red and one or two whiskies I wobbled home on the quad with the remains of James Eadie from Blair Athol


When I finally awoke this morning I realized they must have been very big glasses Smile It was 9:00am, my head was splitting

P1180640 P1180641

and despite the sunshine it was lashing with rain, though that soon passed leaving sunshine on its own.

P1180636 P1180638

I got hastily dressed and went out to deal with the hungry pigs and broody hen.


Curly hasn’t moved off her nest for three days despite me taking the egg she was incubating. Not having any need for more eggs I just left her alone rather than try and ‘cure’ her Duchess is still keeping me well supplied with an egg a day Smile After dealing with the animals I returned to my bed until 14:00!!!!!, boy, am I going to pay for this, especially with this clock changing nonsense tonight Sad smile My body clock is gonna be well and truly fecked now, still, at least the clock on the MVHR control panel will read the correct time tomorrow.


Almost 21:00 now and I’m usually in bed by now, methinks it’d time to make a cup of hot chocolate, it’s black, wet and wild outside so curling up with a warm drink seems like a better plan than another meeting with James Eadie.


The first thing I did yesterday was check to see if stretching my nylon pipe had worked. I had nailed the curled up pipe to my wooden bench in an attempt to remove the twists out of it to see if that would allow me to feed it through my chassis.

P1180618 P1180617

Despite the 8mm pipe being relatively straight I still couldn’t feed it all the way through so I did what I should have done in the first place and bought some ‘pull throughs’

Of course, as soon as I bought them I went back outside to try again and the pipe went though the chassis ‘no bother’, just typical hey. Still, I’m sure they’ll be boodly useful in future Winking smile

P1180630 P1180629P1180632 P1180633

once the red nylon pipe was through I taped it to a 7 core and 13 core cable I’d ‘shrink wrapped together and started to carefully pull that through the chassis. It would have been far easier with another body (one pulling the pipe and one pushing the cable) but once I had a meter or so into the chassis I’d enough pipe through to hold both ends myself and do it unaided.

P1180634 P1180635

After that I made a stainless steel plate to hold a junction box for the cables on top of the clutch master cylinder pedal box.

P1180621 P1180623

There was no northerly swell today round Holm Island or anywhere else for that matter, apart from the odd shower it was a nice day.

P1180624 P1180625

Rainbows being the order of the day, over the sea to Skye and the Pipers Rock above Torran.


  1. I do Like a Seiko skx007 pepsi

    Comment by royclearychubbybrown — October 24, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

    • Aye Roy but I prefer the older battery model these automatic ones are a feckin nightmare, at least for my life style. My first battery one never left my wrist in 13 years and for the first five or six of those I never even changed the battery. Whether I was diving, welding or having a shower, it was always on my wrist for thirteen years and kept perfect time getting altered only at the end or start of BST. I used to often say that it was the only thing in my life that I could truly depend on referring to the advert “if only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen” Well, my Seiko was better than any VW in over a decade all it ever needed was two bezels as they are aluminium and don’t like seawater 😦 a replacement crystal cos they don’t like welding (but what does) and several straps.
      One day around 25 years ago it fell off my wrist whilst I was inspecting a salmon cage net midwater. I watched in horror as it headed for the seabed some 30 meters below but made the wise decision not to follow it. I was already at 10 meters, had more cages to inspect and a 40m ‘bounce’ would have put me into decompression 😦 For the next ten or more years I never wore a watch until I started work on the ferry. Being unable to find a battery version I bought one of these automatic ones, well it’s feckin useless and looses about a minute every couple of days. Unless of course I’m using a jack hammer or chainsaw when it gains about an hour a day!!!!!! One year my mother asked me what I would like for Christmas, I replied “get my watch serviced”. She ended up buying me another watch cos it was £180 for a service and only £190 for a new watch 😦 The new one ( the one I wear now) is every bit as bad as the old one and despite me forking out the money to have it serviced last year it still looses time or gains if I use vibratory tools 😦 I still like it right enough but use my phone if I want to know the time 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 25, 2020 @ 5:21 am

      • It’s 5:24 now and the feckin watch says 4:04!!!!

        Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 25, 2020 @ 5:25 am

  2. Nice job on the wiring! And the drinking … if you’re going to wobble home it may as well be for a good reason!

    Don’t mention the clocks going back … drives me nuts! It needs to go away. 40 odd years of the same carp… I feel terrible for days and I don’t know a single person who wants any part of it!!

    Comment by Matt — October 25, 2020 @ 10:22 am

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