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October 18, 2020

It’s all over now :-)

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Four AM and for the first morning since  arriving home from dry dock, Orion has not greeted me in the eastern sky. Normally as I step outside to fire up the generator for a couple of hours he’s there waiting amidst the starry heavens. The clear starlit skies being replaced by blackness and a dampness that whilst not actually rain or even drizzle, is trying to make a good impression of it. Whilst it has been on the whole pretty sunny through the day there’s not been much energy in it and there has been little wind and no rain for hydro or wind turbines.

The 12kWh generated daily by my 9kW of solar panels not being quite enough to keep my all electric ‘off grid’ house functioning and toasty warm. Consequently my morning routine since returning home, after saying hello to the ‘Hunter’, has been to flash up Harry for a couple of hours in the morning and put on the immersion heater for two hours too.

P1180506 P1180507

Starting up the 15kVA Lister also switches on a 6kW immersion in the bottom of the thermal store thus heating the top of the store (hot water coil) with the 3.2kW heater via the timer. The lower part of the store (central heating coil) being taken care of by the larger immersion that is ‘hard wired’ directly into the generator.

290415 001

Sure, I could just wear a jumper, turn down the heating a couple of degrees and only shower every other day but I do like my home comforts Smile

All tanked up Smile

So, the first job yesterday once Orion had been replaced by the sun was to go and search for the missing pigs. Suspecting they’d followed the SAS through the Torran gate I checked that first.

P1180477 P1180478

My shouting and bucket rattling doing nothing more than frighten a hind and alert my ‘Royal’ pal.

P1180485 P1180486

The wayward pigs turning up on my neighbours croft

P1180479 P1180480 P1180483

looking none the worse for their overnight incarceration Smile

After that and ‘second breakfast’ it was back to the ‘Old Girl’, this time what seemed like a really simple task, fitting the stop light switch. Needless to say I managed to turn that into an epic, mainly on account of the ‘Britpart shitpart’ one being slightly too large a diameter to screw into the pedal box Sad smile Whether this was cos it was supplied wrongly or made wrongly I dunno cos I had to drill the old one out. However it appeared to be a 14 x 1.25 metric thread and I had no bolts or taps short enough to get into the restricted space to clean up the pedal box threads. Consequently I turned my attention to her diesel tank.

This being another ‘Britpart shitpart’ Chinese clone I’d fitted a few years ago. At the time I’d priced up a genuine Land Rover one but that was £400!!! so I opted for the shitpart one at £90 electing to paint it thoroughly before fitting but even that could not save the Chinese steel from the ravages of a Scottish maritime climate and the dreaded ‘tin worm’.

P1180495 P1180496 P1180497

It was whilst emptying the fuel tank that I discovered the drain plug was a lovely M14 x 1.25 short set screw Smile Not a very common size or configuration and perfect for checking/ cleaning the threads for my stop light switch.


Sadly by the time I had discovered this I had ruined the plastic threads trying to fit the switch Sad smile

P1180498 P1180499 

Next I made up a tool to extract the fuel sender unit retaining ring from a piece of exhaust pipe, cutting three slots in it to match the lugs on the ring.


I didn’t refit the tank yesterday choosing instead to do a few wee jobs underneath whilst the tank was out of the way. An extra exhaust bracket and some pop riveting being much easier without the tank in. Also, after all the coats of epoxy paint I’d given the new ‘Britpart shitpart’ tank I wanted it to be good and dry. Why would anyone want to buy a Land Rover Smile Thinking about it, had I insisted on taking this job (just the fuel tank) to a dealer, it would have come in at around a grand!!!! £400 plus for the tank £169 for the filler hose plus the sender unit and fitting then VAT, you wouldn’t get much change from four figures Sad smile


Not seeing much of the sun in the shadow of my shed I had a go at straightening my Honda quad bumper after my rib breaking tumble two months ago. P1180492 P1180493

I had fitted a new rack but the bumper wouldn’t be here until next year!!! so I heated it up and straightened it best I could.


Giving it a coat of black epoxy along the way, in retrospect I could have saved a lot of money by doing this in the first place but the 13 year old Honda really is in immaculate condition despite three years of my ownership Smile 

P1180502 P1180503 P1180504

That was it really a darkening sky and hunger sent me scurrying inside for a simple meal of steamed broccoli, asparagus, Roosters and garlic mushrooms with lashings of butter Smile

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