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October 2, 2020

In and oot the dock :-)

Almost 21:00 now and I’m not in my bed at the Holiday Inn yet but perhaps that’s not a bad thing Smile Nope, I’ve just finished a real home cooked ‘lockdown’ special like I’ve not eaten since a barrel of oil cost less than a bulk pack of toilet rolls and pasta was distant memory on supermarket shelves.


Nope, tonight I’m dining alone aboard Hallaig cos no one else but me would eat anything like this Smile Still, it was all I had left in the fridge and I’m not one to throw food away. Consequently I turned a courgette, aubergine, some cherry tomatoes and five Arnish eggs into something loosely based on a frittata liberally doused in salt and chilli flakes. Wasn’t bad really and I’m sure it’ll have been better that the generic hotel fare served up by the Holiday Inn that will be sustaining me for the next 10 days or so. And why are we still aboard the good ship Hallaig and not in a comfy hotel room?

   P1180351 (2)

Well, we are sat in the James Watt Dock just opposite the 150t Titan crane cos there was a ‘wee hiccup’ this morning. In fact there were quite a few, once Loch Shira had safely disembarked her cargo from Cumbrae and loaded up with more we slipped in her place to discharge ours.

P1180332 P1180333

After that it was a slow foggy trip up the Clyde to Dales dry dock for our rendezvous at the dock gates.

 P1180335 P1180337 P1180338

Well, that took a little longer than expected and we crawled by the Canadian Navy ‘oiler’ Asterix that was lying at ‘Ocean Terminal’ Greenock. However, the fog eventually lifted

P1180341 P1180342 P1180345

to reveal a perfect sunny day. The calm that had slowed the fog’s departure proving a welcome companion once the sun had baked off what the wind refused to move. A ‘textbook’ docking followed after which it all went ‘pear shaped’ and the massive 100 year old gates refused to close fully Sad smile

P1180346 P1180347 P1180348

Unable to ‘shut the door’ we had to go back out again and lie alongside at the James Watt Dock until the engineers got it sorted. Dunno who the other ‘oiler’ belongs to but obviously something to do with ‘Joint Warrior 2020’

P1180349 P1180350

Still, there be plenty for us to do and we are in good company with the Hebridean Princess just ahead of us. So, we’re still floating and aboard Hallaig and I’m off to bed Winking smile

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