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September 30, 2020

On our way :-)

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17:00 now, almost four hours since we departed Raasay and we’re somewhere south of Mallaig with MV Loch Fyne just crossing or bow.

P1180278 P1180277 P1180276

The Skye Bridge is a distant memory as we plough our way through the gloom towards Craignure in the Sound of Mull. It’s gonna be a long day as we had to await MV Loch Tarbet’s   arrival from Mallaig prior to our departure from Raasay.

P1180271 P1180272 P1180274

So, that’ll be why you’ve no heard from me for a while. My normal Monday, Tuesday manic rush before returning to work being compounded by the fact I’d not bee there for six weeks and I was gonna be away from home for two Sad smile As well as all the normal stuff to deal with I had to ensure house, pigs, hens and Molly were ready for house, animal and dog watchers. Bedding had to be changed, feed stock replenished, beds changed and all manner of lists to be made, followed or just ticked off.

As far as I can make out (so far) the only thing I forgot to do was put one final bag of sow rolls in the ‘ready use’ feed bin and remove the grass cuttings from my lawn. Monday was a bonny, bonny day and I reluctantly went to Portree for hen and pig feed, collecting my Trailer from Inverarish on the way back at 15:00.

P1180231 P1180232 P1180234

Raasay’s wee fishing boat MV Mary M, the Storr and Big Head from the Varragill road into Portree.

P1180239 P1180235 P1180236

A faint rainbow as I near home, a bonny stag with his harem just on the skyline at Tarbert


and me almost burning the clutch out on me Subaru Sad smile Had to unhitch the trailer to extricate the car from my foolish trailer parking spot, it got pretty smelly before I saw sense Smile


Apart from all the final packing for the ‘fortnight on’ I’d set Tuesday aside for dealing with the scrawny stag who’d been unfortunate enough to wander onto my croft. I was hoping to hang him longer than a couple of days but you just cannae be choosy about these things Smile I would have preferred to eat his liver fresh with some mushrooms and bacon but I’d just eaten a large Sunday roast before I spotted him Sad smile However, on Monday whilst travelling back from ‘town’ I’d spotted what must be the last chanterelles of the season at Henderson’s Bridge so they did me for ‘second breakfast’ after a spell of mincing.

dinner1 dinner 2

The best way to eat venison liver is fresh, preferably still warm but this was pretty good too, fried in olive oil with chanterelles and a rasher of bacon then served on home made bread. Just what you need after a hard morning’s butchery Smile 


The first bit of which was cleaning the ‘butcher’s slab’ Smile OK, workshop bench with the belt sander Smile


So, with my bench suitably polished I set about cutting the meat off the carcass and mincing it.

I do have a 2kW industrial mincer but to be honest I prefer doing simple mincing like this with my trusty ‘Porkert Number 10’

hand mincer.

The wee fella was quite damaged at the fore end with the gunshot so I just sliced the meat off the bone as far as the hind quarters. After removing the choice cuts of the ‘back strap’ and loin fillets I cut the haunches into half a dozen small roasting joints for myself and wee dog. Molly was very keen to help at this stage Smile

 P1180249 P1180253 P1180259

The freezer having been on ‘super freeze’ in readiness for receiving all the joints, cuts, cubes and ‘dinner sized’ bags of mince was now nicely stocked for the winter.


The stags, well there are still plenty of them bellowing outside my house Smile

Just round ‘Archie’ Smile

Almost 19:30 now and still a few hours to go, bit ‘roly poly’ as we clear Archie, the ‘Hill of the Great sea’ in Gaelic and it’s easy to see why, it is always ‘roly poly’ here Smile There was a boodly fine sunset over Canna,_Scotland right enough but I’d still rather be home with wee dug Smile


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