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September 25, 2020

Shepherd’s delight!!!

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Aye that’ll be right, 5:30 and I’m just back in the house after lashing everything outside down and emptying the water out of my toolboxes Sad smile Not that this wee blast and deluge from the north wasn’t forecast, just that ‘yours truly’ was lulled into a false sense of security by the bonny, bonny day that was Thursday. A day that was calm, clear and sunny with myself just so glad to be back home. Methinks I’d left all my tools outside, doors on the shed open and bonnet up on the ‘Old Girl’ cos I was fully intending going back outside again after my dinner but somehow got distracted and forgot. Only realising at ‘stupid o clock’ this morning as I heard the rain lashing on the triple glazing Sad smile If I can actually hear anything outside I know it’s bad, between my challenged hearing, triple glazing and the thick insulated walls of Sonas it’s the wee dug that normally alerts me to any exterior noise or visitors.

Truth is, I’d probably have woken at that time regardless but it was with great reluctance that


I put on my slippers and abandoned Molly to search for a torch. The equinox by with it has reached that time of year where torches are an essential accessory here, though I haven’t yet got a whole pile of them by the front door or in every jacket pocket. That will come when they start the clock changing nonsense in a few weeks time, then I really will start getting up and going to bed early for the next three months Sad smile 

It really was wet and windy outdoors, my open toolbox and socket set were full of water and I switched my larger wind turbine on to take advantage of the energy streaming down from the north. The sky is brightening now at 6:45, the wind has eased and there’s little sign of the downpour earlier. Coffee pot number 2 is brewing on the hob and I guess my first task will be ‘the lumb’.

 The Lumb

I’ve not been at the lumb for a while having been away and awaiting the arrival of a very strong magnet. My neighbour’s lumb has a blockage, not a regular one but a serious one about 9’ from the top of the chimney. There appears to be several large rocks jammed down there and the best efforts of myself and others have failed to shift them either up nor down. My last attempt involving a long heavy steel bar on a rope which I kept hauling up to the top of the chimney pot then dropping it in an attempt to break the obstruction. This, along with some scaffolding sections pushed up from below seemed to be at least moving the blockage. However, when I came to pull up the rope last week after leaving it down the lumb for a few days there was nothing on the end of the rope!!!! I’d left the rope hanging loose over the gable end and I guess the wind vibrating on it had loosened the ‘rolling hitch’ and several ‘clove hitches’ I’d attached it to the rod with. So now, not only was the chimney blocked with rubble but it also had a 5’ heavy steel bar stuck down it Sad smile After much thought I ordered a strong neodymium magnet off eBay

 P1180151 P1180152

and armed with that yesterday soon fished out the bar. After spending some time working at this with only moderate success I went for a walk with wee dug around the ruins at Brochel.

P1180153 P1180156

P1180157 P1180158

Formulating yet another plan along the way Smile The ‘jack and scaffolding’ method from below had reached a stage where the blockage was loose and small jerky movements seemed more effective than the slow and steady hydraulic jack. So, taking the fibreglass poles of the drain rods home I elected to make up a heavy steel ‘battering ram’ to fasten on the end.

P1180160 P1180161

Welding a heavy steel bar onto some tube which I pressed onto the end of the rod.

Back under the ‘Old Girl’

Next off Molly and I wandered over to Torran

P1180159 Charli loaf

collecting ‘second breakfast’ along the way and enjoying my large fried cep with two freshly laid eggs and a loaf one of my shipmates had made Smile Ok, not the whole loaf Smile

Next it was the removal of the exhaust downpipe off the Land Rover to heat it up and straighten it after struggling to remove the front pipe last week.

 P1180162 P1180163

What a frigging epic that turned into, had to grind away part of an ‘obstruction wrench’ to get the bottom bolt off and one of the top Allen bolts proved exceptionally stubborn. By comparison heating the pipe up cherry red and straightening over a mandrel in the vice was a piece of cake.

Having had so much fun with that I turned my attention to the reluctant and rusty heater controls, removing them, freeing them off ‘shrink wrapping’ the cable and then painting them.


A bonny evening

That was it really, don’t sound like much but it was a pretty busy day, rounded off by yet another walk with wee dug.

P1180164 P1180165 P1180166

This time round the ‘red rocks of Arnish’ to the accompaniment of honking geese heading south.

 P1180169 P1180170

P1180172 P1180173

Right, that’s it, time to test the battering ram, feed the animals and get some more paint on my heater controls Smile

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