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September 17, 2020

She’s a goer :-)

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Well, it was a ‘pure peach’ of a day here on Raasay yesterday. Not exactly ‘wall to wall’ but a bonny dry day. The morning’s autumn chill soon giving way to a warm and bright enough day to lift the heart and discourage the midge.

P1170967 P1170934 

Or perhaps it was these humungous spider that were dealing with the midge. Dunno what they are but they’re sorta blotchy and big and I’ve never seen em before. Methinks they may be which is apparently a European garden spider and quite common. Well, it’s certainly never been common here and is quite distinctive and intimidating looking, though pretty harmless. Perhaps I’ll find one in my Land Rover soon Smile Every Landy I’ve owned comes with its own spider Smile


After letting the wee darlings out on their daily ‘patrol’ I turned my attention onto the ‘Old Girl’. The paint was dry on the brackets I’d made yesterday so I started fitting them so I could make the 200TDi ‘water tight’ with a view to filling her with coolant.

P1170987 P1170991

I can’t say I’m too chuffed with the routing of my oil cooler pipes, they’re very stiff and I don’t like the strain they are putting on my Britpart shitpart plastic radiator parts but I’m hoping to re route them or perhaps get longer softer pipes. I have still not made my mind up whether to refit the electric fan or revert back to the engine driven viscous unit. Sure, that sounds like a backward step but the wiring on C530 VSX was a fecking nightmare after 20 years of my ownership and a gazillion electrical additions. Methinks it needs serious ‘rationalization’ Smile 

Once I had carefully filled her up with coolant I left her alone and went to visit the neighbours at Torran. It was a great day for boating, the gannets were diving and the Portree Lifeboat looked like she was just returning from a ‘shout.

P1170974 P1170973

Not sure who this 10m Humber RIB from Portree belongs to but she’s a regular visitor these days, could be this one but it appears to have changed it’s name, so perhaps it’s owner?

P1170984 P1170985 P1170986

Anyway, it was doing the rounds in Loch Arnish, pointing out ‘Calum’s Road’ and the teuchters in their croft at Torran no doubt Smile

P1170983 P1170981 P1170982

After Molly spent her usual time at Torran investigating the rubbish dump we went back home acquiring another wee dog on the way, who, after following us all the way to Tarbert had to be taken back home Smile It was all just too much for Molly and she promptly went to sleep in the sunshine. No doubt sleeping off the contents of her ‘rubbish dump feast’ Smile

Bleeding tricks

Me, I turned my attention to bleeding the clutch on the Old Girl, which I knew was going to be an issue.


The outlet pipe from the master cylinder being routed above the height of the reservoir itself. Sure enough, no amount of peddle pumping managed to get the fluid flowing uphill.


So, I simply extended the reservoir above the height of the pipe with a short length of radiator hose Smile and with a working clutch I then turned my attention to the fuel side of things, putting some 25lts of diesel in the empty tank and ‘hot wiring’ the fuel solenoid and starter.

Having spent much of a previous life as a motor mechanic (they call themselves technicians now) trying to start reluctant diesel engines. It never ceases to amaze me how easily a 200TDi will start. When I was first given the donor vehicle that  had this engine in it some six years ago. The Disco had lain undisturbed for years, I put a gallon of fuel in it and a set of jump leads on the battery and it fired up first turn of the key!!! It was the same yesterday, only I didn’t even need jump leads, I didn’t even need to bleed the fuel system, I just touched two wires together and off she went, no smoke, just a few splutters as she cleared the air out of the system Smile

P1170992 P1170993 P1170994

It didn’t last right enough, we had great run down ‘Calum’s Road’ and back but I made the fatal error of stopping on the way back, stalled it and had to go and get me dumper to pull her further off the road Sad smile


So, that’ll be today’s task, tow her to top of a hill and ‘bump start’ her Smile

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