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September 16, 2020


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Dunno why I had such a terrible night yesterday, probably ‘payback’ for the long sleep the previous night. Yesterday, going to bed after watching a video about Nelson, which whilst very interesting had me ‘nodding’ before 9:00PM. I succumbed  easily to the onset of sleep but was back up before midnight! My mum’s ‘hot chocolate and banana trick had me back in my pit shortly after but then ‘wee dug’ kept me awake with her nightmares! at least I assume that’s what they were cos she was making some very strange noises in her sleep.

Radiator, intercooler and plumbing

Methinks I was probably a bit ‘wired’ too, having much mince going round in my head, mainly Land Rover and pig related mince that was of little consequence but kept going around in circles keeping me awake. I had after all had a very productive, busy and interesting day. My main achievement being getting the radiator, intercooler and associated pipework fitted to the ‘Old Girl’. This in the grand scale of things was not a lot to show for a whole day’s work but I was extremely pleased with what I got done. What I thought would be a simple task of refitting aforementioned radiator started to sour yesterday when I discovered the radiator ‘stand offs’ on the chassis were too high. This I rectified by chopping them off at a height just slightly greater than the radiator mounting lugs that poked into the ‘stand offs’. Removing the rubber mounts from the ‘stand offs’ I then added two 20mm rubber grommets to each lug and replaced the radiator mounting rubbers atop these. This left a nice rubber cushion just proud of the lugs. A picture would ‘paint a thousand words’ but I was too engrossed in the task to take any Smile Anyway, after painting over the bare steel left by cutting off the top of the stand offs, I dropped the radiator and intercooler in place in such a way that it rested on the rubber on the lugs with the top part of the surround sitting nicely over the bonnet ‘slam panel’ in such a fashion that it was very securely mounted.

It was only when I started reconnecting the pipework that I realised the whole assembly was now 50mm further forward. This wasn’t a problem, in fact it’s actually much better in this orientation as much of the intercooler pipe and radiator hoses were missing or not mine. Having bee held hostage for two and a half years it was hardly surprising that I had various incompatible components hey Smile

Luckily I have quite a selection of stainless tube and odd ball hoses so set about extending and reworking what I had.

P1170951 P1170952P1170965

The bottom intercooler elbow needed extending, this I did neatly with some pipe and a stainless insert, hardly high performance but it’s a Land Rover not a racing car Smile


The bottom radiator hose was next and this definitely wasn’t the one that the ‘Old Girl’ went in with, being a completely different shape, probably off a genuine 200 or 300TDi. It was actually a much better shaped hose that the one I had fitted but it was slightly damaged so I cut this section out (it needed extending anyway) and inserted a stainless tube.


My old radiator expansion tank had been damaged and Tayside had supplied me with the better 300TDi plastic one but this needed a bracket or two fabricating. Using more scrap from MV Hallaig’s fire doors I set about this task.


Between walking what seemed like miles back and forth from my shed and welder, bending, measuring and cutting then trying, re trying and finally painting this bracket, pretty much the whole afternoon had vanished. In pure financial terms, considering how many hours I’d spent on it, it was a very expensive bracket Smile Still, it was very satisfying and it didn’t start raining until I’d finished Smile


Well, it’s after 7:00 now, the pigs are out,


the day looks promising,

P1170970 P1170971

methinks it’s time to go out Smile

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