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September 13, 2020

It’s a wet one :-(

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At least it feels like it’s gonna be, it is at the moment and that is what XC predicts.


Having said that, they got it spectacularly wrong yesterday forecasting sunshine and heavy showers. It may well have done that elsewhere on Raasay but oop north it was a pure peach of a day.

P1170912 P1170914 P1170913

This morning it was so boodly wet that Tirpitz, Bismarck and Rodney were reluctant to leave the shelter of their house and the Stream Engine was belting out around 800W. That doesn’t sound much but it’s the best part of 20kWh per day, just as well cos there’ll be precious little solar power today. Again, according to XC it’s gonna be windy but there’s not a breath so far. Methinks it’ll be a day in the shed today with my radiator and intercooler Smile

P1170908 P1170910 P1170911

The radiator is a composite aluminium and plastic ‘Britpart shitpart’ one that I was forced to fit when I converted from TD to TDi. This type of radiator is pretty dubious at the best of times, the expansion coefficients of the three materials that make them up being so vastly dissimilar. You basically have steel, plastic, aluminium and rubber all squeezed together in something that gets heated and cooled regularly. In short, it’s a disaster waiting to happen and even a well made one is unlikely to last more than five years. Well mine is a Britpart one and my experience with their parts over the last four decades has been variable to say the least. Now some of their stuff is excellent and most of it is a fraction the cost of genuine Land Rover stuff (if you can even get it). However, some of it is sh1t3 and other plain dangerous, don’t ever buy Britpart brake parts, at least the hydraulic cylinders.

A short list of 3 decades or so experience of Britpart

Shitpart :-

Clutch master and slave cylinders, had several fail in months and one not work at all.

Speedo cables usually last 13 months or just outside the warranty (now extended to 24 months on most items)

Wiper motor, didn’t work out of box

Speedo read 10 MPH fast

Treat anything made of rubber with caution, suspension bushes, engine mountings etc. Unless it’s really easy to replace buy a genuine one.

Brake discs, had some that were like bananas but their ‘performance’ ones seem OK

Track rod ends, ‘A’ frame ball joints and drop arms rarely last more than one or two MOT’s

Swivel housing gaiter rubbers rarely last more than 1 MOT

Great value

Fuel tanks are a fraction of the cost of a genuine one and every bit as good if you paint them first.

Door and window seals.

Brake caliper carriers.

Electric window mechanisms, at least the ones I’ve fitted.

Lamps (apart from indicator wing repeaters).



Basically, if it’s safety critical or a real PITA to replace then buy genuine or OEM Winking smile Last night I’d come to the conclusion that I was gonna buy another radiator, it’s six years since I fitted it and for two and a half years it’s been sat outside at Tayside Land Rover. However, it’s so friggin miserable today, methinks I’ll have a go at repairing it. Normally it would be a real PITA to replace on the ‘Old Girl’ cos the radiator fan shroud carries much of the winch connections,solenoids and air horn compressor. So, methinks I’ll not refit any of that gubbins, the electric fan or associated relays until I’m happy that the radiator is OK.

The unexpected ‘peach’

After the long drive home from Edinburgh, a great night’s sleep was had by both Molly and I.

P1170892 P1170893 P1170894

Wee dug being particularly excited after spending the night on ‘her’ bed Smile

As usual, the first thing I did yesterday morning was check the weather forecast which told me it was gonna be showery. Now a ‘shower’ on the West Coast of Scotland can be anything form a few spits of rain to a pure deluge with attendant hurricane, I kid you not. Having not actually cut my lawn since I broke my rib I figured I’d better do it before the rain arrived so I trundled along to my Mate’s to check his boat, deliver some mail and of course borrow his strimmer. Sure, I have one myself but it’s a bit of a beast and his Sthil is much lighter and easier to start.

P1170901 P1170897 P1170900

Now it may not have  been a great year for chanterelles but it’s been ‘magic’ for these Smile

P1170903 P1170904 P1170905

I just could believe it, thought I was hallucinating Smile a whole army of magic mushrooms with their pointy helmets. I’ve never seen so many and certainly none on my lawn before.

After the lawn and ‘shroom cutting I turned my attention to the ‘Old Girl’.


Having not been able to sleep since KevM  pointed out my potential looming disaster I ‘shrink wrapped’ it prior to making up a new battery cable Smile

That was it really, I turned some Raasay Walled Garden veg into a courgette, mushroom (not Magic Smile) tomato and bacon casserole and was in my bed before 20:30 Smile

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