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September 11, 2020

A long way for a pizza :-)

Not that even 18:30 yet and already I’m nodding, been a long day right enough and I’ve been up since just after 3:00. Stayed with my son last night in Edinburgh, having manged to blag a lift with a mate as far as Bothwell Services, whereupon Ross Camilli collected me and transported me to his new flat in Dalry. I had planned using my bus pass for the first time but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lift all the way from Arnish. Despite having had my pass for several years I’ve never actually used it, sure I’ve tried, even ‘booked passage’ but always been foiled at the last moment by a broken bus or road traffic accident. Anyway, it was great being chauffeured all the way to the first services on the M74 with a hot water bottle on my feet, that would be Lenny the spaniel. I only took Molly as far as Inverarish on Raasay where I deposited her with my wife, it’s only 10 miles and she whined for half of them. Lenny never uttered a cheep in over two hundred miles and six hours in the car.

I had to go sowf at some point to collect the Subaru as Ross had taken it with his diving gear and possessions last week and at the time it seemed like a really good idea. Aye Son, you just take the car to move your stuff and do the PADI advanced diver course, I’ll just ‘pop down’ and get it using me buss pass Smile Aye right, that’ll be me talking like I’m in my thirties and not sixties hey Sad smile Anyway, whilst not actually ‘painless’, it was pretty straight forward, traffic was light and my Mate deposited me at Bothwell Roadchef around 13:30, by the time I’d ordered a hot chocolate Ross Camilli turned up in the Subaru. We had a drink each and were in Edinburgh an hour later.

His flat is nice, modern, quiet but best of all it’s near a Lidl and hunners of great places to eat. So after loading up with the essentials, olives, sun dried tomatoes, nuts, halloumi and feta we, or should I say he set about ordering a meal. There’s plenty to choose from and in the past we’ve had Turkish (several times) Vietnamese, French/Caribbean, Korean and of course Italian. I gotta say, I really fancied Italian cos that’s what I had last time and it was boodly awesome, if not a little pricey. Can’t remember the name of the place but me Mammy or Granny would have approved Smile This time however we went for a sit in pizza at Pizzeria 1926 on Dalry Road just a few minutes walk from the flat whereupon I made the mistake of ordering a starter of


Shallow fried Halloumi chips with tzatziki dip and garnish salad

This leaving me far too ‘stuffed’ to finish off the excellent pizza involving prosciutto, mozzarella and aubergine. Still, I managed threequarters of it and asked for a box to take the rest home Smile


image lifted from

Ross had a starter which was basically fresh cherry tomatoes with parsley and garlic on toast but was a whole lot more than that with a fancy name. His pizza, which he managed to finish!!! involved pieces of pork belly rosemary and potatoes, I kid you not, I never seen a potato on a pizza before. Must be a Neapolitan thing but it was boodly deelish. Sure, after the long day and good food I was in bed by 20:30, asleep by 21:00 but up by 3:10 Sad smile Feck it I thought, got up, showered and was on my way home before 4:00! Well, at least the roads were quiet and after stopping a couple of times for coffee and naps on the way, I was on board the Hallaig at Sconser for the 13:00 sailing home.


I collected Molly from the Raasay Distillery passing a whole pile of massive generators on the way.


It being really refreshing to see that the ‘Who cares who wins’ crowd had exchanged some testosterone for common sense this year and placed their generators where no one would be able to hear them Smile Well done chaps.

P1170878 P1170879

On the way home I stopped by the EE mast to admire D Mackay’s handiwork and fine concrete base, I just love concrete Smile

Home at last

I really am out of my depth in ‘civilization’ and it was so, so good to get back to a happy wee dog, curly tail pigs, clucking hens and half a dozen fresh eggs.

First thing I did upon arriving home and unloading the car was wander along to Torran to see the neighbours and check on my Mate’s boat that had been sat on her mooring during what must have been a pretty wild night.

P1170881  P1170880 P1170882

All was fine and after a nice cuppa with the neighbours made with water and not diluted bleach I headed back to Sonas with the intention of just doing a little pottering about the croft or on the Land Rover. However, having had nothing but coffee and a Co Op steak slice since last night’s meal I opted to resurrect my 1926 pizza Smile


P1170885 P1170886

In reality it was just a wee quarter with a slice of aubergine some mozzarella and a shroom but the addition of sun dried toms, black olives and anchovies turned it into a proper starter for my early dinner.


This consisting of the rest of the tin of anchovies baked in a hot oven for twenty minutes inside half peppers filled with olive oil. Steamed French beans and asparagus providing a little greenery and some ‘Veg shack’ potatoes some bulk. Though I saved most of the boiled Raasay Walled Garden spuds to fry for my second breakfast tomorrow Smile


Welcome home, nothing quite like an Arnish sunset, even on a night like this Smile

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