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September 9, 2020

Less coffee, more wine :-)

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Golly gosh, it was after 5:00am before I arose this morning and by the time I’d showered the World Service had been replaced by Radio 4. The news was still depressing right enough but luckily I’m of an age where I can’t do two things at once, so turned it off shortly after the Inshore Waters forecast. The prospect of writing carp on here being far more appealing than hearing carp from Zeb Soames Smile  The secret of my long and deep sleep sitting by the toaster as a reminder of the cure for my insomnia Smile


My chimney sweep and ‘right hand man’ of late would be leaving on Thursday so I had him round for dinner last night as a wee ‘thank you’ for being my ‘rib substitute’ of late. The rib is still boodly sore but at least I can sneeze now without writhing in agony. Sure it’s still sore when I do but I’ve got to the stage of almost enjoying sneezing cos it reminds me of how far I’ve come and how bad it actually was.

I pretty much stopped drinking months ago and never drink alone, that being one of my golden rules for sanity 25 years ago when I lived alone with my then wee dog Malin.

001 (2)

The ‘Golden Rules’ being never drink alone, cook a proper meal every night and though I never realised it at the time, always have a wee dug Smile Aye methinks that wee dog (who, with her the her siblings Hebrides and Bailey was born during the Shipping Forecast) was a very special wee dog indeed Smile

Anyway, after finding a nice piece of venison in a corner of the freezer and thawing it out I turned it into a chili con carne that we both demolished with vigour and washed down with some 19 crimes. Chili really does benefit from being washed down with red wine hey.

I was still in my bed before 21:00 right enough though too drunk to read or even brush my teeth, yes really, two glasses of vino and one can of cider and I was pretty much legless Sad smile However, there was none of the two thirty AM nonsense or late night hot chocolate, I slept like a log until 5:20. Was it the wine or lack of coffee Smile

More on the lumb

P1170817 P1170818

It was actually a far better day than forecast, not actually sunny, though Brothers Point on Skye was bathed in golden rays briefly. Still, it was, until late afternoon at least, nice, dry and mild with a good breeze to blow the midge away.

P1170819 P1170823

Whilst awaiting the arrival of my chimney sweep I pottered around with the ‘Old Girl’, concentrating on sorting out the battery and starter/winch cabling. The starter cable now being slightly too short. To get around this, route it clear of the exhaust and provide a point for adding an short extra positive bus bar I added a short ‘DC link’ made up from beaten and bent copper pipe.

Once my pal had arrived on the Mule we went along the road armed with scaffolding poles, jack, crowbar and enthusiasm to try and clear the lumb avalanche.

P1170821 P1170820 P1170822

A couple of hours later we gave up having cleared some more rubble and formulated ‘plan C’ Smile

P1170824 P1170825P1170826

Me, I went back to making more copper ‘bus bars’, fitting my battery and earth lead in the now pishing rain Sad smile Giving up around 16:30 in favour of showring both Molly and myself. Me, cos I was cold, wet and covered in soot, Molly cos she’d been rolling in something unspeakably smelly at Brochel Smile

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