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September 8, 2020

Less coffee perhaps :-(

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Hope this isn’t the ‘new normal’. Two boodly twenty in the morning drinking hot chocolate cos I can’t sleep Sad smile Or should I say wide awake after just five hours of it. I can’t even blame the weather cos it seems calm and dry outside the pitch black windows. Perhaps I need to try drinking less coffee, I don’t usually have any after my morning pot but this new regime of doing next to no physical work interspersed with frequent spells indoors at the kitchen table has seen my caffeine intake creeping up, that and perhaps the pain killers which amongst other things are leaving me very ‘windy’ Smile but constipated Sad smile 


Still, I am definitely ‘on the mend’, yesterday I even managed a sneeze without breaking out in a cold sweat whilst trying to stop it due to the pain it would induce. Indeed, after the first one didn’t leave me rolling in agony I accepted the next two with a feeling of relief. For almost two weeks now I’ve been living in fear of coughing or sneezing.

Un bending

As for what I actually did yesterday, well once more life revolved round wee tasks that would normally take me no time at all but which through necessity I spread throughout the entire day.


The first and most serious task being to straighten the drag link on the ‘Tank’ so at least it would drive in a straight line until a new one arrived from Milner Off Road Though to be honest the ‘straight line’ bit is the least of your worries on Raasay’s potholed single track roads cos few are actually straight or level in any plane Smile The main issue was it fouling and holing one of the transmission cooler pipes Sad smile Anyway, it came off relatively easy so I welded it to Calum’s blade for ‘un bending’.

P1170806 P1170807 P1170808

I could probably have achieved a similar result using my hydraulic press or an extremely long scaffolding tube but I was wanting to do this with the least physical effort and it went very well. Having said that, it’s not the first time I’ve done this kind of thing, a three ton digger is a really, really useful tool Smile

 P1170810 P1170811

Once suitably ‘un bent’ I cut it off and ground down the weld prior to refitting it and refilling with transmission fluid having repaired the leak a few days ago.

A definite change

The ‘near gale’ of Sunday night seemed to remove the last dregs of summer too, not only was it a boodly dark night but I’d switched on the heating for the first time in long enough. Only for a few hours right enough but still something not associated with an Arnish summer. Last Sunday I’d seen the first yellowing sycamore? outside the Old Manse at the south end. Then yesterday, after all the boodly rain not only was hydro performing.


My ‘Stream Engine’ hydro turbine was producing around 800W and the pigs dishes full of water. Just as well really cos, for the first time in months the cloud was so thick and the weather so dreich that solar hot water production was zero Sad smile There was 10kWh of hot water on Sunday and 1kWh on Saturday, Monday was a big fat zero.


That was just about it really, I never got near the VAT return bar scanning a few documents and emptying the office paper basket. Some friends who were leaving dropped off some veg and bacon that I turned into some kind of aubergine, courgette and mushroom casserole which I demolished.


No hope of that doing two night’s dinners, by the time I’d finished with it there’d not be enough for lunch without adding something else to it Smile

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