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August 29, 2020

The new normal?

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Ten o clock in the morning, it’s the makings of a fine day outside and I’m only an hour out of my bed!! Not only that but it was probably 8:00am before I actually awoke. Nay big deal for a Saturday morning for many I’m sure but unheard of for me, I do not even posses an alarm clock! Sure I set my phone for 5:45 every working day but it’s only for ‘peace of mind’, I seldom need it. This broken rib carry on has meant that just about the only painless things I can do is take gentle walks, sit at the keyboard or do paperwork. My morning exercises reduced to brushing my teeth and tying my shoelaces with difficulty after taking a bucket load of painkillers and rubbing all manner of stuff on my chest.


I’ve just found me an extended shoe horn so perhaps I’ll cut down the shoelace tying to once a day Smile Need to modify that litter picker for collecting mushrooms too. I’ve a feeling my normally tidy house is gonna be pristine by the time the rib heals and I’m actually looking forward to doing my VAT return. Who knows, I may even turn on the TV, I do actually posses one and license though I cannot actually remember the last time I actually watched anything that wasn’t via my laptop. Having seen the pure mince on American, Italian and Maltese TV I’m actually a great fan of ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ both the band

and the BBC. Getting slated by both the political left and right in equal measure they must be doing something right hey Smile As for the band they do an awesome and unique take on old propaganda and news reel films. The race for space, Everest, The night mail and London can take it to name a few. Seen them live and they’ve even played on Skye. Well worth a look if you eve get chance.

A lot of work ahead

Taking my resting seriously yesterday, Molly and I went out for a gentle stroll around Arnish.

P1170597 (1) 

This will be Molly taking her resting seriously too


both before I made the bed and after Smile

P1170598 P1170600 P1170602

A gentle saunter along the road to the north side of the valley by the old ruins of 1 and 4 South Arnish.


The unexceptional remains of an old caravan that’s been here some quarter of a century. Once upon a time most car wheel looked like this and were often shod with ‘cross ply’ tyres like this one, a 6.40 x 13 with an ‘aspect ratio’ of 80% meaning the height of the tyre wall was 80% of it’s width. Nowadays 50 or 55% is the norm and 40% not uncommon. It’s nay wonder we see so many cars getting carried away from Raasay with punctures. This, once piece of junk is rapidly becoming an antique Smile

P1170605 P1170606 P1170607

After that I awaited arrival of reinforcements to remove my Land Rover off the trailer.

P1170609 P1170610 P1170611

There is much to be done on the ‘Old Girl’ and I guess my priority should be getting the brakes working and engine running. The engine and gearbox being just sat in place and connected to nothing. The foot brake being in need of flexible hoses and bleeding, none of which I’m fit to do right now.

Off the trailer 1 Off the trailer 2 Off the trailer 3

P1170612 P1170614 

Well, it’s 11:30 now, time for another gentle meander around Arnish with wee dug methinks


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