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August 24, 2020

Boodly sore :-(

Well, it’s a promising start to the day for sure

P1170531 P1170530

P1170529 P1170534

at 6:00AM, a good hour later than usual the Storr car park was already busy, though I suspect they’d been there all night. Wonder if Boris actually ever did stay in that tent, he was directly east of me looking onto Raasay. Security threat my ar53 he probably got driven away by the boodly midge Smile

Another image showed Mr Johnson out walking the dog on a beach during low tide. In the distance is stunning scenery Mr Johnson's three-bedroom property, with its own source of spring water, was likely to have been chosen for its remoteness

Boris and Dilyn with Raasay, Dun Caan and the Cuillin in the background apparently he was bonding with Scotland Smile 

Nothing strenuous 

Well, it’s 21:30 and ‘black as the fire back’ outside, got side-tracked before finishing this morning by my long ‘to do’ list which I approached very gingerly on account of feeling me feeling like a punchbag after my wee tumble on Saturday. Unusually, for me, I’d managed to stay in bed on Sunday, no doubt assisted by the copious amounts of red wine I’d been plied with on Fladda and the San Pellegrino orange juice I’d laced with vodka on my return to the caravan. As you may recall, my Son was having a few pals round and I figured the alcohol would aid in a good night’s sleep. It sure did that right enough, as well as numbing the pain in my ribs and all was silent when wee dug and I finally surfaced after 9:00 to feed the animals. With a splitting head and feeling like I’d done three rounds with a professional I promptly went back there with a just as enthusiastic wee dog. Staying there until both of us were tempted out by the aroma of bacon and sausages emanating from Sonas’s MVHR outlet that points toward the caravan Smile This is the heat recovery and ventilation system in the house which keeps all the rooms freshly ventilated without draughts or loss of heat. It runs 24/7 on low setting but last night I’d switched it to ‘party mode’, seriously it has a setting for a houseful of guests Smile Anyway, it was pushing all the cooking smells our way and Molly was hungry so gingerly I got up and followed my nose and wee dug into the ‘morning after the night before’.

  P1170520 P1170521 P1170522

I was well impressed with the state of Sonas Smile By midday they’d all gone, I’d gained an Audi and the house was spotless, cheers, Guys (and Gals).


After a couple of sausages and rashers of bacon I felt a little less delicate and once all Ross’s guests had departed I went and got ‘the tank’. That’ll be my neighbours Y61 Nissan Patrol which was running like 5h1t Sad smile Went to collect it, the engine management light was on and it was belching out blue smoke, so much so it made your eyes water and was in danger of making my fresh laundry stink like a diesel locomotive.

P1170526 P1170525

First thing I did was connect my OBDII scanner to it and it would not work Sad smile No surprises there, this truck is a ‘grey import’ and I always have problems with it. The Motor factor never recognises the number plate, parts are a nightmare to get and nothing is straight forward on it. Anyway, after Mr Google and finding an annoying chap on YouTube who suggested unplugging every sensor on the vehicle one at a time then trying the scanner after every sensor I gave up. Having spent most of the sunny afternoon alternating between this and washing all the bedding I went to deliver the truck back. Well, much to my surprise it was running like clockwork, not smoking and the engine management light was now off!!! Not convinced I’ve fixed it right enough but it’s fine for now Smile

P1170527 P1170528

Still not fit for strenuous duty I turned my attention to my bent Honda, which wasn’t half as bad as it looked, damage being confined to a bent, split bumper and front carrier rack. Once I’d actually removed these the twisted red plastic sprang back into shape Smile


Well, it really was a peach of a day, spent some more time pottering with Honda until the tide was high enough to take the Searider out. I’d be away for a night or so collecting my Land Rover from Tayside Land Rover Fair play to him, when I emailed him today to tell him of my accident on the quad and how I was insane enough to be driving down anyway to collect it. He did offer to deliver it to Sconser, however the cynic in me thought that no sooner had I accepted this kind offer than he would tell me of some fresh snag. So, no I politely declined and will be setting off Wednesday, even if it kills me!!!

After my spell of Honda tinkering and with the tide suitably high I went to get the boat in, lifting a couple of wee mackerel while I was at it.

P1170535 P1170536

They were pretty small but Ross Camilli turned em into a beautiful dish involving honey and ginger on a bed of rice


whilst I went to collect a trailer for my Land Rover,


that ought to be big enough hey Smile

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