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August 18, 2020

Were are the anchovies?

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Woo Hoo, that’ll be me finished for the fortnight Smile me temporary ‘back to back’ arrived from Arran and let me away early. So much so that I made dinner! Usually that’ll be Ross Camilli’s task when I’m working. Dunno how I’m gonna cope when he goes back to uni, like I did for many years I guess, 1 pot meals that last at least two days, possibly three, you just cannae beat a big pan of chili, rice on day one, baked spuds on day two then perhaps even with oven chips if it makes it any further.


Now tonight I took a look in the fridge and larder and came up with baked sweet potato, aubergine, oven chips and a salad. The half baked pepper being filled with cherry tomatoes and garlic but I had set my heart on filling it with anchovies and their oil. Sounds gross I know but it’s boodly delicious, anyway, when I went into my larder it was bereft of the wee salty delights Sad smile I ALWAYS have tins of anchovies in the hoose. This goes back to the days when it was impossible to get anchovies on Skye, I kid you not, only 25 years ago there was not an anchovy to be found in Skye and Lochalsh. The nearest place you could purchase a tin was the Applecross village store 75 miles away by road and it’s only six miles from my house ‘as the crow flies’ Sad smile Sure back in those days you couldn’t  cooking oil on Raasay, you had to make do with lard, as for olive oil, I think you could get a 200ml bottle at the chemist in Portree for cleaning out your ears or something Smile Changed days now, you can get just about everything in the Raasay Stores, you could even get unrationed toilet roll when the rest of society was expecting an epidemic of the squiffy bottom. Anyway, I digress, dinner was OK once I got over the lack of anchovies Smile

Home by sunset

Despite my best intentions I never made it to the keyboard last night after what was a beautiful sunny day,

P1170382 P1170384

though the nights are getting longer, it being no longer full daylight when I arise. This will be the Storr from a couple of miles south of Brochel. Portree from around Glame


and Ben Tianavaig with it’s ‘Golden Cliff’ centre right. It didn’t look very golden at 6:30 on Monday right enough but with a clear sky and rising sun it genuinely is. It was what Willie Eyre called it and many was the day we’d dive for scallops beneath it watching the sea eagles that nested atop it.

It was a later than usual finish due to an extra sailing with an Ambulance,


nothing serious I hope.


Raasay’s fishing fleet having already tied up for the night when we did the last return trip to Skye, the later ‘commute’ being exceptionally beautiful as the sun went down.

P1170390 P1170392

P1170393 P1170395

Last sunny rays on the Oskaig larch and Caledonian pine.

P1170394 P1170396

The ‘Long Rock’ or ‘Crocodile Rock’ Smile Sgier Cnapach and that’s not how you spell it Smile

P1170399 (2)

Almost home, Loch Arnish and Manish Point from Tarbert.



Hind on my doorstep,


two hinds north of Brochel


and wee dog making her bed Smile


Dunno what this is in the quarry south of Cnoc an Uan but it looks exciting and it says on the label 20m tall mast. Looks like the mobile phone may at last work here Smile be interesting to see how it will be powered up. I suppose it’ll tell you in the PA but it’s getting near my bed time and I can’t be bothered looking.

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