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August 16, 2020

Another grey start

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Well, it was some day yesterday, the crew of the good ship Hallaig heading home with frayed nerves after a rather stressful day in and out of fog banks. Usually these banks of mist or fog burn off by late morning or early afternoon at the South End. Sure they can hang around at the North end for days, I’ve seen them round my house for three or four in June whilst Raasay’s southern parts are bathed in sunshine. Not yesterday though, at least around Clachan and the ferry terminal, we were tied up for much of the day, often with blue skies above!!!! I kid you not, yours truly was painting away on the car deck with the sun on his head yet all around the boat was fog. Not only that but it never really cleared all day, getting even worse as the sun past its zenith. Indeed, on my way home after the most stressful trip of the day, the 18:00 to Skye and back which had all four of us on the bridge looking for halfwits in kayaks and small boats. After that one I reckon the skipper headed home for a stiff drink, if not he should have Smile Me I headed north and home.


And this is someone in a tractor bagging or cutting silage at Oskaig, I dunno which cos I can hardly see the tractor just at the bottom of the field.

P1170328 P1170329

Five miles up the road and a couple of hundred meters higher it was beautiful,


at least it was to the east and south, west towards Portree was a different story. All these images taken from the same spot!

Arriving home not much after 20:00 I pretty much headed straight for my bed only to be greeted by more of the stuff at 6:30 this morning.

P1170331 P1170332 P1170333


Hopefully XC has got it right today Smile

In was not far off the mark

Almost 20:30 and I’m enjoying a warmed up herring linguine from the other day, few chopped up black olives making it even better than it was on Friday Smile


I’m usually in long before this on a Sunday evening but it’s so beautiful outside I couldn’t bare to come inside. Choosing instead to go over to Torran with a bottle of whisky and a shotgun Smile The whisky being a belated birthday present for a well known Torran septuagenarian crow. The shotgun being a forlorn hope of mine that I may actually hit something with it for when I start cooking on Wednesday. Ah well it’s only Sunday, still time for a rabbit or pigeon I guess.

Anyway, the drive down to work was pretty grim and the traffic was dreadful.

P1170336 P1170337P1170335

Large brown 4x4s looming out of the gloom being the main problem, dunno if they reached as far as the cyclists wild camping up the road but they would have had a fright if waking up to this lot.


The large ghostly looking sycamore at ‘Hector’s croft’, bottom of Glam Brae.

P1170345 P1170346

You just wouldn’t believe the views of Glamaig and the Isle of Raasay Distillery were taken 10 minutes later hey. Aye, it was a bonny day right enough with sunshine being the order of the day here at least, though you could see large banks of fog towards the Applecross Peninsula and Loch Kishorn. Methinks they were in the clear yesterday when we had it bad.


P1170351P1170352P1170359 (2)

Don’t suppose the fog bothered the dozens of porpoises we kept seeing both here and at home.

P1170364 (2) P1170364 P1170374 (3)

That was it at work, lots of drills, lots of painting, a few customers and the lovely beeches behind the boat shed.

P1170348 P1170378

I just love those trees, on a day like today when viewed from the sea after the silage has been cut and the field behind is yellow. It is on such days that this corner of Raasay looks like a tropical paradise the cut grass looks like sand and the trees like palms. I kid you not, it looks divine Smile

P1170379 P1170380

And on the way home I could actually see the tractor at Oscaig,


unlike last night!

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