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August 14, 2020

Half mast again :-(

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Sure, I was going to write much more last night but after my ‘SAS who cares who wins’ rant it was waaay past my bedtime and I’d already deleted much of what I’d written about their total lack of respect. I was thinking I’d do that today during my lunch break but the ‘wind got well and truly knocked out of my sails’ when I heard that Hugh Mackay died this morning. Happy Hugh, the ‘Grumpy Digger Driver’ who in reality was anything but. Hugh never stopped smiling, was never grumpy (except with me Smile ) and was an integral part of just about everyone on Raasay’s life, having had a hand in building most of it Smile I kid you not, be it the water treatment plant, Distillery, harbour, Raasay House, Village Hall and just about every house built on Raasay this last twenty years, Hugh Mackay was there with his digger. Hugh had a hand in my house, road, shed and slipway too, he undercharged for just about everything he did and Raasay is a poorer place without him.

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080812 003

He always reserved this traditional Highland greeting for me Smile

The Tricky Bit 003 

He did much work on Rona too, building the road to Dry Harbour amongst other things and here hi is showing Molly how to change a ‘pecker’ Smile

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Hmmm, I don’t seem to have any pictures of Hookie not working or giving me his traditional greeting, which I guess is how most people will remember him, working that is, cos he never stopped. My heart goes out to all his family and friends at this tragic time. He did work on the ferry for a while too and we had the pleasure of sharing many a fried breakfast Smile. RIP Hugh Mackay Sad smile


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