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August 8, 2020

Farewell to Phil :-(

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Well, you would be almost thinking it was the summer here on Raasay today Smile This ‘Lockdown’ carry on and the generally poor weather of late has had me forgetting it was August. First Easter then Spring Bank followed without the usual droves of tourists, just the odd second home owner doing a Dominic Cummings and feeling the need to drive several hundred miles on a lame excuse. Thankfully most did obey government guidelines and stay away. Still the age old cycle of an Easter explosion of traffic followed  by a sudden dearth then gradual ramp up in visitors has been broken. Sure, it has at last started to come alive again and Raasay seems to have been spared the clowns that have turned up to other areas of the Kingdom. Well, so far at least. No seven berth ‘Air BnB’ lets here with 12 cars, seven tents in the garden and 30 people trashing the place . It’s from the Sun, so probably exaggerated but not far off the mark if other headlines are to be believed. Other horror stories from the Peak District, Lake District and just about every popular beauty spot are all in the same vein, litter and jobbies everywhere, ancient trees cut down for fires and abandoned barbecues becoming the new norm Sad smile Sure we’ve had the odd worshipper of the ‘Bin Bag Fairy’ but no more than usual, yet!

Image may contain: outdoor Image may contain: plant, grass, outdoor and nature Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Half a dozen black bags for the Fairy, a few tissues a beer can and yoghurt pot being all I cleaned from the car park and its environs, perhaps we get a better clientele here Smile 

The Noost is open Smile

P1170193 P1170194 P1170196

And, at long last Hector’s Noost has opened for business at Sconser so you can get a snack and drink whilst waiting for the good ship Hallaig.

  P1170187 P1170189

Which has been thoroughly enjoying the ‘Lockdown’ and travel restrictions getting lots of attention from her crew who have been painting merrily whenever the weather allows Smile

Not sure if the bunkhouse part of the Noost is open yet but you could always find out 01475 650236 Winking smile


Flags at ‘half mast’ Sad smile

Yesterday (Friday 7th August) brought with it the tragic news that long time CalMac work colleague and friend Phil Salvadori took his own life. Phil was a regular relief motorman on Raasay over the years, moving up several rungs to ‘pool skipper’ around 8 years ago and it’s in this capacity that he skippered the MV Loch Striven for a few months whilst we were all away at nautical college training for Hallaig. Phil was a very talented individual but not shy of telling you so Smile First time I met him he was DJing at a club in Glasgow and I had the pleasure of his company at several of my parties ‘back in the day’

 image 50th 009

Here he is at his best fifteen years ago, ‘mouth closed, headphones on’ Smile ,  at my 50th with two ‘space cadets’ Smile Aye, he was a boodly great DJ, Motorman, cook and a gazillion other things. He certainly left an impression on all who met him and my heart goes out to his friends and family.

Back in July

Aye, well, that’ll be the clown season started too.

P1170168 P1170172 P1170176

Stanley Watson Barker heads off to rescue some tourists (probably) yesterday round the east side of Raasay (boodly mobile phones hey) Smile

P1170192 P1170190

The Stornoway Coastguard helicopter round at Braes today, well that’ll be ‘Lockdown’ well and truly over hey Smile


  1. Gobsmacked by the AirB&B story, but perhaps I shouldn’t be. Maybe these people would normally be off to Ibiza or similar. So instead they’re having a party in the UK.

    Comment by cazinatutu — August 8, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

  2. Paul sounds like your back to a normal working day.
    I my self do get annoyed by bin bag fairy’s. had the Rocket Pub at the end of the M62 Liverpool and every other coach returning after a night out would dump their garbage from the days trip in the bus stop shelter outside the pub.
    Glad the weather keeps OK for you. 👍🐟👍

    Comment by Polite Scouser — August 8, 2020 @ 11:18 pm

  3. It would seem that tourists, visiting the less populated parts of the UK, are showing their true colours of arrogance and disrespect for the locals, with vigour. Norfolk is experiencing is fair share of them; it would be nice if they could realise that they are impinging on other’s lives, and act accordingly. That is too much to ask for. Litter is not the problem of those who drop ,it, or so they think. It would be nice to have magic powers to be able to send it back to them, and spread it around the inside of their own homes. It is sad when someone can see no way out of their problems and ends up taking their own lives. At least as far as they are concerned they are now at peace with the world. God bless them. Thank you for sharing your view of life on your island paradise. Keep it up.

    Comment by Richard EDMONDSON — August 9, 2020 @ 8:15 am

  4. Well I’ll have to visit one day when things have settled down properly. I love a drop of Fentimans Ginger Beer. It’s the only stuff I’ve found that comes close to making your own proper stuff!

    Sorry about your friend chap. It’s always hard to loose them like that. It tends to be the good ones with the worst demons.

    Comment by Matt — August 10, 2020 @ 2:58 pm

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