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January 8, 2020

First shift of 2020 :-)

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Well, that’s it, ‘back to the grind’ and another fortnight ‘before the mast’ my first this year and a day later than normal. My ‘back to back’ having offered to work an extra day in return for me covering over Christmas, which was ‘jolly decent’ of him cos it was only a couple of sailings for me to do for him and to be honest I was glad to get out from ‘under the feet’ Smile 

Anyway, I made the best of the extra day by staying in my bed until 9:00am, mainly on account of me having done all the pre back to work jobs yesterday. I may have been given Tuesday off by by shipmate but me body wasn’t convinced so I did all the tidying up, washing, cleaning and pre work prep 24hours early. Just as well really cos yesterday was fit for little else and the ferry was off all day due to the severe gale. I don’t think it actually reached ‘storm force’10 at least not consistently, though it may well have in the gusts. Still it was strong enough to bring down some power cables and the odd tree, leaving much of Inverarish without power.

Typically, of the community I’m fortunate enough live in, or should I say near. Typically, word went round by social media and the village hall (which still had power) was opened up for cooking, WiFi and hot drinks. Also ‘typically’ of SSE, they were over at the first opportunity to repair it Smile Of course that wasn’t until today cos the ferry was off but they were at Sconser first thing and had it fixed pretty quickly. They really are heroes the engineers of SSE and BT that keep the ‘electrons flowing’ when adverse weather brings line down. It’s never on a good day that these chaps get called out hey’.


Aye, it was certainly a better start to the day, though there was a fearsome hail shower or two


and my dumper bucket had acquired about half a ton of water overnight!!!

I left home early for work to give Molly a walk in the woods, she’s seldom inspired by walking from the house these days, being dead excited to get out of it but then running to the car to go elsewhere Smile 

P1160130 P1160132

Brochel bay and Glame Brae on the way south

P1160133 P1160138

So after parking up at ‘Mine number 2’ and waiting for a brutal hail shower to pass we went for a walk up to the winding house and old entrance.


Then it was off to catch the 14:30 and relieve my mate,

P1160139 P1160140

passing by evidence of the storm, a broken tree that had at some point blocked the road. Joining Hallaig in time to see the half dozen SSE vehicles and their crews depart, having ‘put the lights back on’ in Inverarish Smile


Me, I left my lights on all day to try and use up some of my excess power Smile It really is nice to return home to an illuminated house after a hard day at the office Smile

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