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January 2, 2020

First Footing with a 12 year old :-)

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The promising start to 2020 yesterday came to an abrupt end sometime throughout the night, not that I noticed it. Me, I was in me bed before 22:00, leaving the family and guests to fend for their selves. Hardly the best behaviour of a host hey Sad smile  

I guess it all started to go ‘pear shaped’ about half way down the Loch Lomond 12YO, which surprisingly is not yet finished Smile


The new decade’s first day actually got off to a promising start, Molly and I went to retrieve the Searider ahead of the promised gale.

P1160045 P1160046 P1160047

Sure the gale would be from the south so not really an issue in Loch Arnish, however it was supposed to veer round to the west or north west at some point so we got it on dry land at least. No point hauling it up to the house as we may be out again before my son returns to uni.

It was after this, whilst still wearing my dry suit that it struck me as a good idea to go visit my neighbours with the aforementioned bottle and do some ‘first footing’. Well, I’m surer there’s something about being a ‘tall dark stranger’. OK, I’m hardly tall at 5’8” but the suit is black and I was already on the quad Smile

  P1160048 P1160049 P1160050

Preparations were already well advanced for the New Year feast at Torran so after sharing a few drams I headed over to my old house to have some more with Maya and Nicky.

P1160052 P1160056

Returning home to some fresh warning signs on my gate!!!!!! Smile Dunno who had the sense of humour but certainly made me smile.


All that is missing is the one that says ‘Trespassers will be shot’ Smile

Could have been anyone I guess, as the lovely day had brought many visitors to Arnish with the carpark as full as a fine summer Sunday.

That was it really, after that I started preparing the traditional Glasgow New Year dish of steak pie for the family who would be arriving for dinner. Now do not for one minute think that I actually made a steak pie, my wife brought two with her on Christmas day Smile By the time the dinner was eaten my hangover started and had me going to bed with a splitting head Sad smile 

This morning it’s so dark that not even my solar inverters have woken up yet and it’s almost 11:00am!!!

P1160060 P1160062

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