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November 6, 2019

Battling to the North Cape :-)

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Only 16:00 now and it’s been dark for hours, the MS Lofoten has no stabilizers, quite a narrow beam and we’re crossing the ‘open sea’ now with the remnants of a northerly gale still making themselves felt. The ‘weather’ was a few days ago and has left a lazy northerly motion which is on our beam. Nothing serious, quite pleasant in fact, so long as you are not trying to carry any drinks Smile Though, with the price of everything in Norway, especially alcohol, that doesn’t happen very often Smile 

Today we were scheduled for a tour of Nordkapp, the North Cape Europe’s northernmost mainland point, though it is actually on the island of Mageroya albeit connected to mainland Norway by a 4 mile long tunnel !!! 

P1150819 P1150820

In weather that would have ground Britain to a halt we berthed at Honnigsvag and boarded a bus for the 45 minute journey to Nordkapp. It did not go well Sad smile 


The road conditions which proved adequate for our large Volvo bus had brought an articulated lorry to a halt further up the road.


The bus driver phoned the highways department (yes, 200miles inside the Arctic circle in the middle of nowhere the friggin phones work) who recommended we turn around. Something that a 20 ton bus would struggle doing on a good day but our driver achieved with ease. So, like the Scharnhorst, we lost the ‘battle of the North Cape’ Smile Still we had plenty of other attractions to see, like the most northerly Shell filling station in the world and Europe’s most northerly roundabout Smile

P1150830 P1150833

Our big green and white bus dropped us off at the only building left standing when the Germans retreated in 1945 and most of us meandered slowly back to the harbour.

P1150834 P1150835 P1150836

Me, I spent a fascinating afternoon watching snow clearing Norwegian style Smile Had to laugh, just noticed my son in one of the pictures I took with a powerful zoom across the harbour, ‘like father, like son’ another boodly ‘anorak’ Smile

 P1150845 P1150846 Anorak

Then I wandered about checking out the boats, it was a busy harbour for sure

P1150839 P1150840 P1150843P1150850

with a couple of boats heading off into the Arctic night, around 14:45 Smile

P1150851 P1150852 P1150855

And here on the quayside a mere 1311 miles from the North Poles lies four blades of an awfully expensive variable pitch propeller Smile I do hope someone put the right postcode on it Smile

17:50 and we just departed Kjollefjord after discharging some cargo and passengers, sad I know but I really like this ‘cruise with a difference’ Smile 

P1150856 P1150857 P1150858


  1. Hey Paul, good to see you’re enjoying a bit of relaxation on your holiday. Indeed it does appear to be a cruise with a difference and I have to thank you for telling us all about it as it’s one that my wife and I have been thinking about doing for a while. We’ve cruised around the Med plenty of times and had an excellent Baltic cruise where the weather was amazingly dry and sunny although Bergen was very wet. I love the idea of heading further North and you’ve certainly whetted my appetite 🙂

    Comment by 63ian — November 6, 2019 @ 8:58 am

  2. Fascinating tale of a holiday with a difference. I’d love to know more about quality of accommodation, food and ship-board entertainment Paul? Any more info on the church you were dropped back to, apart from its being the only building the Germans left, ( which is in itself interesting ) Thanks mate. As always, loving the blogroll. 🙂

    Comment by Lloyd Owen-Reece — November 7, 2019 @ 9:28 pm

  3. Wait ! You mention “crow berry wine” like it’s on every table and we all know what this is? How does one harvest a crow berry? Follow a crow around and await a deposit? Who gathers and stomps on them? Is the wine aged in a cask or a bird cage? How old should it be to drink? How old should you be?

    Comment by drgeo111 — November 13, 2019 @ 1:29 pm

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