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October 25, 2019

That’s more like it :-)

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A busy old day at the rock moving yesterday had me in bed at 8:30 pure wacked after the previous night’s restless sleep. Apart from a phone call that drew me out of the depths of slumber around 21:00 and Molly wanting out at 3:00am, that was it, I slept like a log Smile Right through until 6:00am, so here I am on me first pot of coffee listening once more to the wind and rain. Which, judging by the sound must be coming from the west, my fourth weather station died some weeks ago so I cannae be more specific than that. I really must stop buying these Chinese ones and get a decent one this Christmas Smile


Despite that inauspicious start it turned into not a bad day here up at the North End. Sure, there were a few showers but with the extra water, wind that accompanied them and sun that interspersed them it was a record day for electricity production here.


72kWh for the day and that doesn’t include the big wind turbine which has not generation meter, being twice the size of the smaller Proven/Kingspan I guess it would have done around 40kWh. Excluding the 6kW Proven 100kWh is my best kinda day but they few and far between and usually on really stormy wet days. What was so good about yesterday was the good spread of energy production for the time of year. The solar hot water of 8kWh is really good as the tubes are in a far from ideal location, pretty soon they’ll be loosing the sun altogether and won’t do much until next spring.

IMG_1250 IMG_1251

So, Molly and I spent most of the day hauling rock and dumping it on the track I’d made so I could haul more rock up the hill to bury my water pipe and redirect some water.

IMG_1252 IMG_1253 IMG_1254

Some fish farm ‘feed blower’ pipe being chopped up to allow me to cover a pipe in a drain.

IMG_1255 IMG_1256

Larger diameter pipe would have been better but you just gotta make do with what you have hey.

IMG_1257 IMG_1258

After some 20 or 30 tons it was time to go get Calum the Kubota and track him back along the road, a slow task that I did with leap frogging my last load in the dumper and walking the dug. The small Cannon Ixus 220 HS failing spectacularly to capture the lavender blue sky and amber rustling aspen.


That’s more like it Smile

IMG_1261 IMG_1262

I gave up when it started getting dark by which time Calum was perched precariously close to edge of the burn and I wasn’t feeling too ‘lucky’ Smile I always find it better dealing with potential problems at the beginning of the day rather than the end Smile Common sense had me reverse outta there for tackling today. Though my first task today will be to head south and collect the 1000lts of red diesel that was finally delivered yesterday Smile


  1. Still enjoying reading your posts. How did you ever manage before you had all this plant equipment at your disposal? Are you missing the “grumpy digger driver”? 😁

    Comment by Derek Peakman — October 25, 2019 @ 6:38 am

    • Hi Derek, I still managed to do quite a lot, just slower and with a bad back 🙂 Aye, don’t see much of GDD these days, ‘more’s the pity’ I have a task for him 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — October 25, 2019 @ 8:54 am

  2. I can’t wait to get out to visit you after seeing some of the pictures of late… hoping some time next year!

    Comment by Matt — October 25, 2019 @ 1:01 pm

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