Life at the end of the road

October 2, 2019

Rainbow Nation :-)

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Don’t usually have the time or inclination to mess around on here prior to work but I still appear to be in ‘fortnight off’ mode despite returning to Hallaig yesterday afternoon. As of late, it was a pure peach of a day, sadly only a few hours of it was spent at home, after a mad rush to do a few little jobs around the croft and on the Subaru I headed south with the trailer to catch the 10:55. Much earlier than my normal ‘return to work’ but I was gonna call at Sconser quarry for a couple of tons of 40mm chips, as you do Smile Then it would be a manic shopping trip to stock up for my house sitter and the trip to dock in Hallaig, wine, chocolates and flowers for MiL and mince and tatties for the trip to Troon.

 IMG_1024 IMG_1025

Another ‘pure peach’

IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1028

Hector’s Noost at Sconser, beautiful dry stone work and an admiring ‘wee dug’, can’t wait to try one of his bacon sandwiches and a coffee, whilst waiting for the ferry Smile

IMG_1029 IMG_1030 IMG_1031

Back to work and afternoon of sunshine, showers and rainbows,

P1150419 (2) P1150420

followed by an evening of Raasay rainbows  Smile

And that was it really, almost 6:00am now, the world is still in chaos, the animals fed in the dark and Corky the cockerel is busy doing his cockadoodling.


Me, I’m about to pour me third cup of coffee then tootle south under the watchful gaze of Venus, Orion and a gazillion other heavenly bodies, it really does look like a fine day ahead

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