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October 1, 2019

Getting ready :-)

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Looks like it’s gonna be another peach of a day up here, which if the BBC World Service is to be believed is the exception for Britain at the moment. More flood warnings and high tides on the way apparently, take care peeps. Me I’m pretty ‘wired’ just now, trying to get everything ready for dry dock here at home. We’ll probably be leaving for Troon on Thursday and I’m still only a quarter of the way ‘down the list’ of preparations for leaving house, dog, croft, pigs hens, etc. etc in the care of MiL who’ll be sitting on them all Smile The feed bins are stocked, the hens cleaned out, the pigs bedding changed and shortly I’ll be heading to Portree for shopping and of course several bottles of wine and flowers Smile

Disco on hold

Early on in the day (yesterday) it became apparent that I wasn’t going to get the WiFE finished in time, at least not if I carried on at my snail like pace.

IMG_1016 IMG_1015 IMG_1017

I was finding more holes and less metal to attach my rather thick plates to, so rather than rush the job, I tacked a few patches on, gave her an oil change and called it a day. The Subaru needed sorting for the trip to Troon and I needed the vehicle lift to do the work. The TD5 has two oil filters, a regular canister one and this centrifugal one, methinks the centrifugal one does the most work and the regular one takes out the finer particles. I don’t know this for a fact and can’t be bothered Googling it. I came to that conclusion when I tried filling the regular canister with the 5W/30 synthetic oil to prime it. Despite the low viscosity it took ages to fill the wee filter, I’m guessing cos it was so fine, either that or it was blocked Smile

Anyway’s, I got all the filters changed, including fuel and air, fixed an oil leak, well it’s a Land Rover, they always leak oil Smile and went for a run to Scraepadale just pass Brochel to bed the brakes in. It was a bonny day so I left the car at the car park and got caught in a traffic jam Smile

P1150397 P1150398 P1150400

I kid you not, half a dozen cars, most of them black, obviously to make the TV program they’re making more theatrical Smile and not less obvious Smile

P1150403 P1150405 P1150404

Wee dug and I left them to it and wandered down the track towards the old township.

P1150412 P1150413 P1150409

There seemed to be lots of standing about and ‘messing about in boats’ Smile


It was certainly a lovely day for it but I had to head back and fix the Subaru.

IMG_1018 IMG_1022 IMG_1023

Sure I could have done this job on my back lying on a cold concrete floor with the car jacked up on axle stands but it’s much, much easier on a lift, even a Chinese one Smile There are the front anti roll bar bushes, new on the left and old on the right, no wonder there was a rattle and knock hey Smile Well that wee job took me until 21:00 and after it I had a shower and went to bed with a good book. It’s 7:03 now, almost light, Orion is but a faint sparkle from Beetlejuice and Bellatrix and I need to get back to ‘the list’ Smile

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  1. I don’t watch much TV these days but I imagine it’ll look smashing whatever it is they’re filming given the location!

    Those bushes weren’t doing much were they. I always wonder if the polybush type would last longer but I’ve only now taken the plunge. Fitted a full set of SuperPro bushes to the 90 and I’m impressed so far. Got a 100k warranty on them so I’m fairly confident.

    The spiny spiny filter (technical term) does the fine stuff as I recall. It’s worth buying the genuine or I always buy the Mann stuff for the last 10 years with no faults.

    I dug out the RAVE info for you chap;

    The Td5 engine features two oil filters. The primary oil filter is a conventional canister type. The primary oil filter filters all the oil entering the oil gallery and the oil entering the secondary oil filter. The primary filter features a paper element which is used to trap particles as small as 15 microns (0.015 mm) in diameter. But diesel engine produces many particulate impurities smaller than this and these particles are removed efficiently by the secondary centrifugal filter. Therefore, the service life of the primary oil filter canister can be greatly extended. Always refer to the maintenance check sheet for the correct service interval for both the primary and secondary oil filters.

    The secondary oil filter is a centrifugal oil filter which is housed in a ‘ pot’ located by the exhaust manifold. The pot lid is sealed to the pot by an ‘ O’ ring. This ‘ O’ ring should be replaced when the centre canister is replaced. The oil filter works by the replaceable centre unit spinning very rapidly.

    The unit has two very fine holes drilled at an obtuse angle so that when oil flows through them under pressure it spins the centre filter unit. The centre of the centrifugal filter can rotate at speeds up to 15,000 rev/min. The inner surface of the spinning canister gets coated in a gel of old engine oil and carbon particles. The centrifugal filter is capable of retaining much finer carbon particles than a traditional canister type oil filter.

    Comment by Matt — October 1, 2019 @ 11:29 am

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