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September 14, 2019

Alone again, naturally :-)

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It’s been a while I know but that’s me back at work now and my Son back at uni so I’ll be feeding myself Smile Well me, the dug, hens and pigs that is, consequently there’s been little opportunity to blog, by the time I get home and see to everyone it’s time for bed Smile Many is the night I’ve been in it before 21:00 with a good book, I just cannae cope with late nights these days. Sure I had the best of intentions of trying to write a few lines each day but I’m just too tired, must be an age thing Smile Anyway’s, it’s all ‘downhill’ now, the weather is pure pish, we’ve been tied firmly to Scotland since 13:20 but are hoping to sail later on when the wind abates.

Being tied up gave me chance to run the Emergency generator in ‘Harbour Mode’ for a few hours getting it good and hot to draw off an oil sample which will get sent away for analysis.

IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842

The lovely Volvo D5 63kW generator supplying power to the whole ship in ‘Harbour Mode’, normally this generator only supplies the ‘Emergency Switchboard’ that keeps all the essential equipment running in the unlikely event of a total power failure.

Phoebe’s gone Sad smile

Apart from regular dips into the sewage tank and it’s associated pipe work the shift at has been pretty uneventful so far. The most notable incidents being Phoebe’s departure to ‘the great scrapyard in the sky’ and Ross’ return to Heriot Watt.


It goes without saying that I’m gonna miss my diving buddie’s culinary delights, company and animal husbandry but I’m also gonna miss his old car, Phoebe, the Daihatsu Terios. Originally my wife’s runabout, Phoebe was a bit of a wreck a couple of years ago with major work required for her to see another MOT. When Ross passed his driving test we gave him the car and he and I set about fixing it. After major work on the rear suspension, some brake discs, a caliper, removal, repair and refitting of the fuel tank the wee car passed and has been pretty much in regular use since. If for no other reason than she made a fine ‘portable shed’ when working down at the slipway. However the ravages of tin worm and salt air have taken their toll so it was time for her to go, so my Son’s final job on the day he left for uni was to bring the wee Daihatsu down to the Hallaig ready to ‘meet her maker’. Wednesday the 11th of September was a sad day indeed Smile

The clams are getting hammered


Not often you get a clam dredger and a clam diver working so close together. The dredger makes such a mess and stirs up so much silt that seeing scallops to ‘hand pick’ them becomes impossible Sad smile Here we have the Newry registered Moyuna N938 scraping away at the seabed and the Ullapool registered Auk UL334 with divers picking away.

P1150082 P1150080 P1150084

And on the right an old friend, the Lyrawa Bay passing north through the Raasay Narrows. Originally built in the 1970’s as a Norwegian car ferry she served the island of Hoy in the Orkney’s for a while before turning to fish farm duties in the 90’s, which is where I met her and spent many a happy hour aboard her hauling out dead fish from local fish farms Smile 

P1150085 P1150086

It was a fine drive home that night with the coastguard tug Ievoli Black anchored in Portree Bay. This ETV (emergency towing vessel) is supposed to replace the three that were removed by the Tories in 2010. I think the running aground of an oil rig west of Lewis and a nuclear submarine off Kyle, not to mention the breakdown of Loch Seaforth last year may have made them see sense after all, though one is hardly a replacement for three.

P1150066 P1150069

The trawler Northern Star SY11 heading south through the Raasay Narrows and the charter boat Elizabeth G anchored near Raasay pier.

Well, that’s it, pretty lame I’m afraid but it’s almost time for the 20:30 from Raasay and time to go. Pretty dark now and I’ll not be home until after 22:00 so if I don’t post it now I never will.

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  1. Hi Paul

    Delighted to have you back blogging, and thanks so much, after all your changes and challlenges. I passed Sconser three weeks back, in torential rain 7.00 am, en route to Barra.! IoL cancelled due to wind so had pleasure of extra 200 odd miles via Glencoe, Kyle, Skye and Uist, or all pouring rain, but it was worth it!Thought of you as I passed. Thanks for the updates, I do appreciate your efforts, to keep us up to sctatch with ‘Raasay Life’.

    Just a thought, notice quite a few posts enquiring about Old Girl. I assume touchy subject, but she is no longer in the fleet? Look after yourself to.

    Comment by Sally — September 18, 2019 @ 6:42 pm

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