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September 2, 2019

Bled at last :-)

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Pretty miserable here at Sonas today with frequent showers and little sign of Skye, well it is The ‘Misty Isle’ after all hey Smile


It is there somewhere, honest, I did see it once or twice Smile

Probably as a result of even more coffee than usual yesterday I was up at ‘stupid o clock’ but with little in the way of an agenda for the day. It’s my last full day off and I’ll be joining Hallaig once more tomorrow. Unusually this ‘fortnight off’ I seem to have done all I wanted too and more, sure a little sunshine would no doubt have had me starting some project but all I really HAD to do today was finish servicing Harry. The HR2 12kW Lister had been a real PITA to bleed, in the 18 years and many filter changes it has never been such a pain. Modern diesel engines are sooooooooooo much easier to bleed than these older designs but years of experience has taught me a few tricks and I’ve never had one so contrary for years.

First off, whenever servicing an old diesel I make sure it’s warm before I change the filter. Some engines are bad enough to start without air in the fuel system, next make sure it has a full tank of fuel, the less the fuel pump has to work the better and always prime the fuel filter with fresh clean fuel if possible. I had done all of these and Harry did start straight away initially but then must have sucked up a big gob full of air and died.

Yesterday I’d removed the rocker boxes and injector pump covers and bled all the air out but not actually started it. Today I was gonna set the tappets and change the oil. The valve clearances need done when cold and oil when hot.


That done and still before 9:00am I got a message from the builders at Brochel, their generator wouldn’t start Sad smile That would be the one I fixed on Saturday that had run out of fuel and needed bleeding. Suspecting similar again I trundled down ‘Calum’s Road’ to the old castle.


Turned out to be just down to ‘technique’, the fuel lever needed pushed towards ‘RUN’ rather than ‘START’.


Of course I bled it, cleaned the fuel filter and nearly gave myself a coronary trying to start it with the handle before discovering this. I turned it off, told the boys to let it cool down before trying to start it and to phone if if they couldn’t, fingers crossed, all has been quiet on the communication front Smile

Truth is, I really didn’t do much else,


managed to squeeze the dumper and most of the Disco and digger in ‘Callum’s shed’. More eloquent parking of the Searider next time I use it should see them all fully housed.

Had to remove the roll bar off the dumper yesterday right enough. So today I stuck some conveyor belting over the holes to stop water spraying through the mudguards.

DSCN2722 DSCN2746 

Gosh, was it really that sunny yesterday?

Late afternoon had me wandering the hills and birch wood in search of something for the freezer but all Molly and I found was ‘shrooms, still they were a very welcome addition to the pork belly, chorizo and chick pea casserole I made for dinner . They made up for they lack of carrots and parsley but it was boodly delicious.

 DSCN2747 DSCN2756 DSCN2761

The heather is amazing this year but the grey mist does it poor justice.

DSCN2763 DSCN2771 DSCN2774

The colours in the enchanted birch wood took some beating too but you’d not think that from the pictures Sad smile


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