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August 29, 2019

A fine send off :-)

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Almost 7:30 now and as yet no sign of the pishing rain forecast, well apart from the watery rainbow some six miles away on Skye.

P1150008 P1150007

Just back in after a gentle stroll around the croft with my .243 looking for something to fill the freezer. Nothing to be seen bar a group of half a dozen hinds and calves. The old stag I had been seeking being conspicuous by his absence, still I did come back with a vegetarian option for breakfast, a fine cep and a scattering of chanterelles which was all I could fit in my pocket. 


You can see why it’s called the ‘Sunny Skerry’ hey, Grian a Sgier is quite often bathed in sunshine when all around is grey and drab. Not that long ago it was a safe haven for breeding birds of all kinds, geese, terns, gulls and fulmar to name a few. The arrival of mink a few years ago soon sorted that though not only did the unwelcome American import decimate our chickens it did the same to the local rabbit and wild bird populations. Having said that the bunny’s do seem to be recovering of late and getting fatter. What rabbits you did see this last few years were always tiny ones, they are still a rare sight at Arnish but further south at Brochel the population seems healthy enough.

Not much got done yesterday other than walking the ‘wee dug’ a tidying up the barn

DSCN2599 DSCN2600

it must have pished with rain all night cos the hydro turbine was ‘belting it out’.


Truth is, it was Willie’s funeral and I really didn’t want to start anything greasy, muddy or smelly so just opted for a wander around the hill looking for deer.

Around 10:00 am I headed south passing May and Snowy along the way Smile


Mr ‘Eyre’ Smile

If I ever do write a book Willie would deserve several chapters, he could not fail to make an impression on all those he met. Well, he got a great ‘send off’ yesterday with standing room only for some of his many friends and relatives who came to pay their respects. 


For myself it was especially poignant, for the first time I ever set foot in that church it was eighteen years ago alongside Willie the day after my wedding at Raasay House, still wearing a kilt and probably still pished Smile It was Mary Macleod’s (Mary Old PO’s) funeral and if I’m honest I wouldn’t actually have been ‘alongside’ Willie cos he would have been late Smile Willie was late for everything and a tiny part of me was actually waiting for him to come through the church door at his own funeral cos that’s what he did, he always turned up at the last minute (for everything). You see Willie had absolutely no perception of time and his attention to detail was such that he would finish the most intricate or boring of tasks no matter how long it took.

After a lovely service Willie was buried in the Raasay cemetery in the pouring rain that no one seemed to notice. Tekela’s son Duncan with whom Willie had a special bond played the pipes for him whereupon most people retired back to the ‘Free Church Manse’ where Tekela, Kees and others had laid on an amazing spread.

Having had my fill of the excellent buffet I headed home by the new distillery warehouses.

DSCN2603 DSCN2604

And a fine job they are too with some lovely landscaping by Norman, Joseph and all.

After feeding all the animals and getting changed I went back down to the Manse to join family and friends for an excellent supper and celebration in honour of an exceptional person.

DSCN2606 DSCN2607

I have never seen so many cooked lobsters and that wasn’t even half of them, Willie would have approved Smile

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  1. You really need to start on that book you referred to Paul, it would certainly be popular with your followers on here. It’d be a great way to honour willie with a few chapters too. Maybe you can share a few special memories on here as a bit of a tribute to him, I’m sure we’d all love to read more about him.

    Comment by 63ian — August 29, 2019 @ 9:04 am

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