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March 7, 2019

Sunshine in LA :-)

OK, well not actually now, cos now I’m in the trusty caravan with wee dug, Leah is still sulking in the car now. That’ll be two days she’s been in there and she’ll no come in the caravan unless I drag her in with the lead. Then she’ll curl up at my feet for at least 5 minutes before pawing me constantly until I put her back in the car. She seems happy enough and comes out regularly to be fed and walked but seldom of her own accord, normally I gotta put the lead on her. Strange as it may seem she’s much happier with the lead on.

Anyway, it’s ‘day two’ here in Lochaline and it was a sight better than ‘day one’, yesterday was pure miserable and I was in my bed (with wee dug) before 8:00 pm. I kid you not and bar the 300mm journey to the toilet, that’s where I stayed until 5:30 this morning. Sure I had fully intended spending some time on  the laptop but I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the ten hour drive the day before having pure wrecked me Sad smile


Still, despite sailing an hour earlier here, 7:00am as opposed to 7:55am on Raasay, I still arise at the same time. That’ll be cos my ‘wee hoose’ is only slightly further away than the toilet Smile


We’ll it certainly was a far cry from the stunning day that preceded it, a cold north-easterly blowing right down Loch Alainn itself, with frequent showers accompanying it.

  P1140682 P1140664 P1140667

That’ll be some of the brighter moments, the entrance looking up Loch Alainn, our ‘travellers site’ Smile Lochaline old pier and the village,

P1140665 P1140666

Lochaline Boat Charters MV Brendan and MV Peregrine awaiting the Easter rush of keen wreck divers. Then on the shore opposite the ‘Relief pier’, which I believe was built with some kind of relief fund to help the poor, of which there were many. Can’t remember if I made that up or someone told me Smile 

Beside the Mull ferry terminal there is a large stone pier, known locally as the ‘Relief Pier’.  Construction began in 1843 by John Sinclair, a local landowner who founded the Village of Lochaline.  It was financed by The Highland Relief Board to provide work for thirty-one families who were victims of the Potato Famine and the infamous Highland Clearances.  The men, women and children who built it were paid in oats and wheatmeal instead of money.

OK, perhaps it was the wrong pier but right idea Smile or maybe they were both built with the same pot of money.

P1140661 P1140663

I think this was one of Mallaig Marine’s workboats towing fish cages yesterday out of Loch Alainn then up the Sound of Mull.

P1140670 P1140671 P1140679

This will be North Isles Marine’s purpose built ‘well boat’ MV Norholm , which, believe it or not was built in 1996!!! Anyway, after a day working on the fish farm north of Fishnish she tied up at the Lochaline West pier.

P1140672 P1140678 P1140677

The venerable old MV Isle of Arran heading south for Oban and an ‘almost rainbow’ at the mouth of the loch.


The magnificent MV Isle of Lewis returning from Castlebay on Barra.

P1140683 P1140684

Another crewman arrives, with his caravan Smile and Ardtornish Castle when the sun made a brief appearance.

The Norwegian cargo ship MV Lysvik Seaways


rounding off the day. The Sound of Mull is really a shipspotters paradise Smile


Golly gosh, it’s 20:05 and I’m ready for bed!!! so here goes, a quick resume of the day.


Nice and dry but quite fresh for the fish framers at Fishnish, with an onshore breeze there was quite a jabble.

IMG_0376 IMG_0377

Whilst it was quite fresh in the Sound of Mull it wasn’t half nice out of the wind.

P1140694 P1140696 P1140697

MV Lord Of The Isles, affectionately known as LOTI and MV Swedica Hav, then Loti and Swedica Hav.

Swedica Hav was heading into Loch Alainn to load silica sand from the sand mine there and she is now berthed just up the loch from us.


And the driver made a fine job of berthing her in a strong wind with flooding tide,


sharp as a razor, just like our bridge crew Smile

Anyway, that’s it, it’s 20:20, time to let the dugs out then go to bed.

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