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February 25, 2019

The ‘organic’ shed :-)

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Well, ‘stupid o clock’ on Monday just now and I’m just trying to scribble a few lines down before yet another journey off the island Sad smile That’s all I seem to be doing this ‘rest period’. Anyway, I’m taking Leah to the vet, not cos I’m actually convinced that there is anything wrong with her but cos Darling Wife has talked me into it. Me, I just think the dog is mentally unstable and missing me dear old Mam who died just a year ago. Anyway the large black dug has taken to hiding in daft places again and chewing up anything she can get in there with her, usually a bag of some description.


That’ll be her just dragged out from under a shelf in the utility room having eaten a pair of overalls. Not content with that, in the time it took me to put a few board up on me shed she managed to eat a leather briefcase, large diving bag, thick polythene bag, cardboard box and Jacobs cracker box!!! Each one of them dragged into a small dark corner and chewed to bits Sad smile I was not best pleased. So on the ‘off chance’ that she has got earache, toothache or bellyache and this his her bizarre way of telling me, I’m gonna let the vet have a look at her.

Anyway, where was I, well Saturday saw us in Inverness collecting furniture for the ‘toon hoose’

P1140646 P1140647

and that wasn’t straight forward. It was boodly wild with a good gale of south wind and spring tide so despite being down at the ferry for 7:45 we didn’t actually get off the island until 10:55. Choosing instead to drive back home, have some breakfast and collect a house key for the ‘toon hoose’ that we’d both forgot Sad smile As it happened the Hallaig actually sailed at 9:55 so we could have got away an hour earlier. Still, we were not actually needing to go shopping in Stressness so five to eleven was OK.


The Inverness trip went well and we even managed to collect a friend who was meant to be catching the 17:35 bus to Sconser. She treated us to fish and chips and got home three hours earlier with us Smile

Sunday was a pure peach of a day and I managed to get some work done on the shed/shelter.

P1140650 P1140651 P1140652

First job being to assemble the new stand for my saw.

DSCN2289 DSCN2290

Fifty quid well spent on an Evolution stand for my Evolution radial arm saw from Screwfix ‘click and collect’, saves much bending down and wear & tear on the knees.

DSCN2291 DSCN2292 DSCN2293

Also decided to put some windows in the first two bays and leave the last one open, mainly cos I found 3 x 3m lengths of clear corrugated plastic sheeting in my shed, along with a box of fixing screws Smile 

DSCN2294 DSCN2295

Reluctantly I left the shed to go and take the dugs for a walk and do some DIY in the ‘toon hoose’,

DSCN2296 DSCN2297

though the dugs enjoyed the wander down to Screapadale.


And I did manage to get a little bit more done before it got dark and I turned my attention to one of Donnie Oliphant’s Dexter’s.


A fine rump steak from the Raasay Stores which Darling Wife seared in olive oil with pepper then served up with tomatoes and melted blue cheese. A boodly awesome Sunday dish Smile

So that’s it really. 6:45 now and I’d better be off, gotta walk the dugs and catch a ferry.

February 22, 2019

Moving things and almost moving things :-)

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To say that I’ve not achieved much today is a little unfair, for one thing it’s been great practice for me retirement and I guess I’ve helped a few people on the way so that’s not a bad thing hey. First off, I was up early to catch the first ferry, sure that doesn’t leave until 7:55 but I’d lots to do afore even setting off from Arnish, some eleven miles north of the Raasay Ferry Terminal.

My Subaru, which is the wife’s ex Subaru, affectionately know as the ‘Egg Chariot’ was still attached to a trailer at Suisnish in the forlorn hope that Bunty and Judy would go in it of their own accord. Bunty and Judy being two Iron Age pigs who were being evicted from their home there. Myself, good neighbour and the ‘girls’ owner had been trying unsuccessfully for a good part of yesterday to coax the ‘wee darlings’ into the trailer with little result bar frayed tempers and muddy arses Smile

We’d decided that just leaving the trailer and Egg Chariot there would be a good plan and with a bit of luck the two large beauties would make their own way in there in search of food. I’ve used this ploy a gazillion times before with our own pigs and it has always worked. Trouble was this left me without a car or trailer to go to Portree today for a cooker, cement and steel reinforcing mesh for my next concreting project. Of course there was always my Ifor Williams tipping trailer and ‘Darling Wife’s’ Subaru but she wouldn’t be back home from the Isle of Raasay Distillery until long after I was in bed. Solution  being to get up very early, steal Wife’s car, hitch up heavy tipping trailer and disappear before she noticed Smile That way I’d be in Portree at the Skye Express before my wife even noticed I’d gone Smile

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and water

Well, that worked a treat and on a morning too stormy for Emma C and Annie E to lay anchors at the new Moll fish farm I managed to catch the first sailing.

As arranged, I telephoned Skye Expresses Portree manager when I arrived at their Portree depot for him to come and ‘forklift’ my Mate’s Rangemaster cooker onto the trailer. Whereupon he asked if I could do a spot of delivery work for him on account of him needing to ‘see a man about a dog’ Smile it was much more serious than that and Iain is a good friend so I happily agreed to take the washing machine and sofa bed to Raasay as well as the cement and concrete reinforcing mesh. I’m a huge believer in Karma and ‘what comes around goes around’. A lot of people have helped me out over the years and I’ll never forget it. Of course I spent the next hour regretting my generosity as I crawled to Sconser with a poorly loaded trailer complete with the incorrect number plate Sad smile However, I got there in one piece without loosing anything and was much relieved to meet Simon of FV Speedwell who relieved me of the sofa bed Smile

The porcine refugees

Simon kindly assisted in the sofa bed delivery and Graeme in the washing machine delivery to Braemore where I had the pleasure to meet Ginny and Fiona Smile Braemore is just a few hundred meters from where Bunty and Judy live so another ‘pig rescue plan’ was formulated on account of me needing both ‘Egg Chariot’ and trailer tomorrow.

A kind ‘proper crofter’ with real cows and a tractor had offered the use of his own ‘much larger’ stock trailer to try and get Bunty and Judy moved ‘up north’. So, after depositing the washing machine I headed home with the cooker only to return later to meet Donnie at 14:00.

 P1140645 P1140644 P1140643

Donnie’s trailer is much larger than mine and we felt the Girls would be more inclined to go in it, especially after not having a proper feed for a few days. However the ‘wee darlings’ were still mighty cautious and reluctant to enter.

P1140639 P1140641 P1140642

Given time, I’m sure they will, but for now we just left them to it.

I drove home and managed to get a little work done on me shed.

DSCN2285 DSCN2286 DSCN2287

Plan is to let the wind whistle through the shed so we can hand stuff n it to dry, hence the gaps between the boards.

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