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February 25, 2019

Off to the vet :-)

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Ten past seven and that’s me in for the night with a large black dug between my feet.

DSCN2311 DSCN2312 DSCN2313

At least she’s not chewing things up when she’s laid on my feet Smile But then I have shut all the doors in the house and moved everything chewable off ground level. I swear she only chews my stuff, don’t think she has ever eaten anything belonging to Darling Wife, Jacob’s cream cracker box excepted but to be fair, we both ate them Smile The beggar even dragged a ‘weighty tome’ out of me nautical bookcase ‘British Battleships of World War II’ by Alan Raven A book I have had since new some forty years ago and she chewed that whilst completely ignoring Wifey’s Terry Pratchet novels Sad smile

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It’s not too bad right enough but it’ll never worth over £100 again Smile

Anyway’s we arose early, not as early as Darling Wife right enough, she was gone before 5:30 but soon enough to spend a little time on here, walk the dugs and still catch the 7:55 ferry. Leah wasn’t booked in to see Rhona the vet until 9:40 but I had some other errands to do and wanted to get back ASAP to get on with the shelter/shed.

After a trip to Jewson’s, Harbro, Macgregor Industrial Supplies, Macrae’s garage and the Co-op it was off to see Rhona


and Leah was the model of good behaviour allowing Rhona to check her over and draw blood for tests. Though I’m supposed to get a urine sample from her too, that should be a laugh Smile

Back to the shed

Managed to get back home around midday and got straight to work on the shed/shelter.

DSCN2302 DSCN2303

Fitting the second ‘window’ made from some translucent PVC sheets I’ve had for yonks. The easiest way I have found to cut it without breaking it is to use a fine hand saw at a very shallow angle. A jig saw tends to shatter it unless you are doing a lot of sheets together and clamp it tightly.

DSCN2304 DSCN2305 DSCN2306

Then I made up panels of cladding for the back wall, again with small gaps to let the air through the panels and a large gap at the bottom. The shelter is also going to double as a clothes drier. Having  had experience of a ‘Mull dryer’ in the past I know how well they work on the West Coast where our inclement weather makes drying washing challenging outdoors.

DSCN2307 DSCN2308 DSCN2309

By the time I’d knocked up the 3m x 1m panels they were quite heavy and needed jacking into place but it went very well considering I was on my own. I just had to come inside around 16:00 to eat, as I had a Dexter rump steak that needed attention. Truth is, I had the same last night and this was a ‘left over’ but it was delicious and I’d been thinking about it for hours, having not actually eaten anything since the morning when I had a crumpet on the ferry.

Steak polished off, I went back out, fitted the second panel, tidied up and ‘called it a day’


And now the dug is trembling in a corner cos I’ve switched the heating on, not that it’s actually cold but just to warm my feet when I come out of the shower Smile Hope she doesn’t start eating those sockets while I’m gone Smile



  1. You’ve probably thought of this, but is there any chance Leah is hearing a high frequency hiss from the heating pipes? I was loaned a bat detector once and found that partly closed taps and restricted pipes make a huge amount of noise that is well outside human sensitivity, as do scrunched up plastic bags.

    Comment by englishjim — February 26, 2019 @ 9:54 am

    • Aye Jim, I’m sure that is part of the problem, she is definitely picking up something she does not like but it’s never bothered any other dug and there’s been plenty in here. Having said that she’s almost as bad with the heating off, just does not seem to eat anything.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — February 28, 2019 @ 10:21 am

      • Well, I hope you find the cause. It was a bit of a long shot, and I don’t see any bat group near you that could have loaned you a device. Good luck.

        Comment by englishjim — February 28, 2019 @ 10:43 am

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