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February 7, 2019

Erik is on his way :-)

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Bit later home tonight cos I brought 1000lts of diesel up the road on the back of the Egg chariot and being as the trailer is only rated at 750kg, the roads are carp and 1000lts of diesel weighs 842kg at 20 degrees, I took my time.


The Subaru is brilliant with its heated seats, low ratio and awesome radio but it just aint the ‘Old Girl’, which would hardly even notice the trailer on the back. Consequently I crawled most of the way to Arnish in the lower gears and arrived home late. Not that that really mattered, darling wife was once more in the ‘toon hoose’ and I’d be heading home to a house devoid of human company. Again, not that that really mattered, the dugs would be delighted to see me and at least the feckin telly would be switched off Smile Indeed it was so peaceful when I got home that I removed the battery from the clock. Do you really have any idea how uplifting total silence can be? 


It really is absolutely silent here at Sonas, OK, my hearing isn’t great and Leah did have a spell of licking her fur


as she ‘hid’ from the UFH but seriously this is pure bliss, I can even hear my finger rubbing the laptop touchpad Smile

As for Erik

There is certainly no sign of ‘Storm Erik’ that everyone is getting into a flap about. Not that they shouldn’t right enough, methinks Erik is gonna be a beezer, I just get the impression from the chart that Raasay is gonna be in the ‘eye’ of him. Sure we put extra ropes on the Hallaig just in case but just now it is eerily silent and I’m savouring every minute of it.


That’ll be Erik at this time tomorrow, looks pretty scabby for the North of Ireland and Kintyre Smile


Well, I was up not long after 5:00am to take the dugs for a walk but by 6:30 it was time to head sowf in the egg chariot with the empty IBC in tow. In truth, I cannae remember what the forecast said but whatever it was, it was wrong, the day, until lunchtime at least, was a pure peach.


Hardly a breath of wind with the ‘roddy’ burning going in full swing.


Robert Duval famously said ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’


me,I  love the smell of burning rhododendron anytime Smile and the Polish wood cutters were doing a fine job of it.


It really was one of those mornings when you feel good to be alive Smile


I mean, how could you not?

It sure was an amazing morning with lots of traffic on the ferry as a result. The afternoon was a bit of a ‘damp squib’ right enough  but that didn’t seem to bother anyone Smile

P1140566 P1140571 

The ‘Screen Machine’ departing Raasay and the MV Aqua Senior passing through the Raasay Narrows

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