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January 30, 2019

Alternately :-)

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7:30 here at the end of the road, just back in from letting the hens out, who like me seemed reluctant to go out in the snow. Not that there’s much here right enough, just an inch at the most but yesterday there was none and yet more than enough down the road to make towing a trailer interesting.


That was my first task yesterday, heading once more to Sconser quarry for a couple of tons of aggregate,

DSCN2141 DSCN2142

then, after a walk along the beach at Sconser with the dugs, back on the 11:25 ferry.

DSCN2143 DSCN2144 DSCN2145

I was hoping to have a look around the bunkhouse/takeaway being built at Sconser but Hector was nowhere to be seen. He seems to be making a better job of this than most houses you see going up these days. I love the stone cladding and sandstone sills, methinks the box profile roof looks good to and far better than the low pitched slate roof on the Sconser ferry terminal buildings. Much as I love slate, the architect who specced the roofs at our ferry terminal had obviously little comprehension of the winds that come down Loch Sligachan. The slates on both rooves regularly come off Sad smile

Nissan Patrol 3.0D Y61 Alternator

Whilst I’d gone to Sconser to get material for the boat/car port, it was kind incidental, my main reason for the trip was to collect an alternator for the Nissan Patrol I was using. It had died last week and was urgently required by my neighbours today, so after calling at the sawmill with some fittings for Callum I headed home.


DSCN2146 DSCN2147 DSCN2148

Though I wisely left my 3ton load on the ferry car park to collect on a day without snow Smile

DSCN2150 DSCN2151

The alternator replacement on this 4 cylinder turbo intercooled diesel was surprisingly straight forward. The battery was disconnected then the wiring. The alternator mounting bolts are reasonably easy to access and the large plastic fan covers easy enough to remove once the tin plate underneath is removed.

DSCN2152 DSCN2153 

By far the hardest job is remembering how the serpentine belt routes around the various pulleys that drive all the pumps and compressor. I guess if you were just replacing the alternator you could leave them in place but the belt was shot too.

DSCN2154 DSCN2156 DSCN2155

Luckily I had the good foresight to photograph the layout first and the job probably didn’t take much more than an hour. Having said that it was about all I did yesterday apart from wiring up some 16amp blue sockets in my workshop.

And, after yet another haggis supper I retired to bed well before 21:00 with a good book Smile

P1140506 P1140508

This morning I’m off sowf again, this time to see the doc then take Bonzo and the dugs for a walk before intercepting the postie. Mail comes over on the 10:25 ferry and I’m expecting parcels crucial to my boat/car, port so I have to catch the Post Office before he goes out on his rounds. We only get mail delivered on Thursday and Saturday since wifey became an ‘ex postie’ Smile


Whilst I’m ‘pulling my face’ at having to go out in the cold and snow that little white light is a timber harvester below the Storr and they were at it when I went to bed last night and started again well before 7:00 this morning!!!

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  1. That’s not much snow. Looks like we got your snow in Manchester 4 inches here and the world has ground tons halt. Airport shut, I only managed going quarter of a mile down the road before I hit grid lock. Good job I got some decorating to do 😧😧

    Comment by artimaginguk — January 30, 2019 @ 9:16 am

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