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December 26, 2018

Must have a screw loose :-)

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So that’s Boxing Day almost by with, I’m plinking away on here and the rest of the family is watching some American pap on Netflix. For a country banging on about sovereignty and ‘taking back control’ we seem to be awfully addicted to mince from across the pond. Give me Taggert or Vera any day in the drama department, as for comedy, well canned laughter has never really done it for me, I’m more of a Monty Python type Smile Sure some of my favourite movies have come out of Hollywood, Magnolia

Magnolia poster.png


Crash ver2.jpg

And of course Pulp Fiction, the Tarantino epic that I went to see on its release and hated every minute of its gratuitous violence. Then promptly went out and bought both the CD and DVD, pure genius Smile

Truth be known poor hearing and a succession of European girlfriends left me with a love of subtitled masterpieces from the likes of Krzysztof Kieslowski and  Emir Kusturica 

   Three Colors trilogy poster.png    Underground film poster.jpg

With ‘Song for the unification of Europe’ being my funeral choice long before this Brexit bollox.

A soft spot for Juliette Binoche helps Smile

If with the tongues of men I speak,
and of angels,
Love I do not have,
I have become a gong resounding or cymbal clanging.
And if I have the gift of prophecy,
and know mysteries all,
faith mountains move,
Love I do not have, nothing I am.
Love is generous, virtuous,
Love does not envy, boast, not proud is.
All she protects, all she trusts, all she hopes, all she perseveres.
Love never she fails. Be it prophecies, they will cease,
Be it tongues, they will be stilled, be it knowledge it will cease.
So remain, Faith, Hope and Love, these three. But the greatest of these is Love.

From the book of Corinthians, if only we were a little less religious and a bit more Christian hey Smile

Turkey at last Smile

So, after what can only be described as a perfect Christmas day I had a great sleep and a leisurely day at work. Day being something of an exaggeration for there was only one sailing to Skye and back and that was at 12:30. Plenty of time for me to go and visit Peter, take Bonzo for a walk and still be home before dark. Sure I tried to talk Peter into coming home with me for a delayed Christmas dinner but he was having ‘none of it’ Sad smile Still, I cannae blame him, when I’m 90 I’ll not be wanting to leave home either.


Hopefully I’ll be able to microwave it for him tomorrow, sure the nut roast was awesome and the stuffed peppers mega but I do like something dead on me plate next to the veg Smile 

  P1140412 P1140413 P1140414

And we were not the only ones working on Boxing Day, Marine Harvest’s well boat Inter Caledonia was heading north though the Raasay Narrows heavily laden and looking very purposeful

After a busy sailing out of Raasay and a quiet one back I took Bonzo for a wee stroll then headed home in daylight.

DSCN1785 DSCN1786

I then settled down in front of redneck Charlton Heston and Ben Hur for a few hours before eating the turkey. Still, he wasn’t always a ‘redneck’ he was a Democrat for long enough, methinks his spell as the ‘Omega Man’


might have turned this long time supporter of civil rights into an NRA president and mouthpiece for many years.

National Rifle Association official logo.svg

Heaven forbid the Yanks should forgo their ‘right to bear arms’ Smile

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