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November 30, 2018

In a sorry state :-(

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Ah well, that’ll be me fully ‘security aware’ now and with a certificate to say so Smile Just finished my course at SMT ,  a well delivered affair that not only brought me ‘up to speed’ on security issues but enabled me to catch up with a few friends from around the fleet too. Now all I need to do is get through the night and get back home. The night should be pretty simple, all I have to do is get to SWG3 and back in one piece. As for tomorrow, well we’ll have to see about that, I’d a helluva drive down yesterday arriving at the Holiday Inn some ten hours after leaving Arnish. My blood pressure was probably ‘through the roof’ and I was somewhat stressed to say the least.

For a start I did not want to come here, only the acquisition of some tickets to a ‘sold out’ gig tonight tempted me to leave home, normally I have to be dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ to attend courses in my time off. Much as I love my job, I hate going on courses, even a single day’s event involves three days away from home two days driving and having to deal with unfamiliar things traffic lights, one way streets and vending machines. I’ve already had a wrestling match with a car park barrier, coffee machine and elevator. For heavens sake, am I the only person who’s fingers don’t work touch screens who speaks a language not recognised my talking machines!!! I swear, I don’t even think ANPR works on my cars!!! This technology stuff id damn, fine splendid when it works Smile Not even my current ‘prat nav’ (a basic Tom Tom) works for me and I only bought that one cos the last cheap Tom Tom worked just brilliantly until it died.

During what was a particularly stressful trip sowf my anxiety was compounded by Bruce’s refusal to lead me in the right direction. Bruce being the name of the Tom Tom’s compare so to speak, Sean, my last Tom Tom had a much more soothing voice but Bruce is quite hilarious in some of his wittering’s. I just wish his sense of direction was better. Sure, I do know the way to Glasgow airport and could manage without a ‘prat nav’, indeed I am of that generation that can actually read a map. Unfortunately, yesterday I wasn’t coming in from the west, I was going via Tayside Land Rover to look at the ‘Old Girl’. This would involve the A9 and lots of motorways. Regular readers will remember I used to have a Land Rover and left it there almost six months ago for a six week job Sad smile 


The job seems to have ‘grown arms and legs’ and looks unlikely to be ready this year!!!

DSCN1599 DSCN1600

Still, I’m assured it’s in good hands Smile

Not only did Bruce lead me into the centre of Perth during the rush hour to find Tayside Land Rover, he also refused to look for Glasgow airport being determined to take me to Prestwick some 40 miles away. This compounded with the 6 mile tailback on the M8 due to flooding had me pure wrecked by the time I entered the airport. After several laps of the approach roads and car parks I was eventually directed to the Holiday Inn which I’d been able to see for half an hour but not actually get too!!! From there on in things improved considerably, the staff were helpful, the room lovely, the shower perfect and the food surprisingly good.


I had a crispy calamari starter followed by grilled halloumi kebabs, I gotta say it was awesome, even the tomatoes were the same temperature as the rest of the meal!!! How do they do that? my tomatoes are always scalding Smile

Poor wee dug

As if it wasn’t bad enough being away from home and the gazillion things I could be doing I’m also worrying about Molly.

DSCN1596 DSCN1597

As if wearing ‘the collar of shame’ wasn’t bad enough for the poor wee dug, she now has an ear infection Sad smile I left her on Thursday morning looking very sorry for herself and she’ll not be seeing the vet until tomorrow. That will be interesting, she usually needs sedated Smile

Before I left

Still, I did manage to get a few things done before I left home, the main one being ‘The Bug’ or R2T2 as it’s now known Smile The Isle of Raasay Distillery camper van  has a new name as a result of an ‘on line’ competition . Should have told you about that sooner hey Sad smile

Help Name Our VW Campervan & Win a Bottle of While We Wait

Shoulda entered the competition meself hey Smile Anyway, not only does the wee VW T2 camper have a new name, it now has an alternator instead of it’s pathetic dynamo.


DSCN1589 DSCN1590 DSCN1593

After fitting new barrels, pistons and cylinder to the bug a couple of weeks ago I discovered the dynamo wasn’t working, sadly the dynamo on a VW air cooled engine is harder to replace than the engine Sad smile In fact the old VW manual tells you to take out the engine to change it!!!!!  OK, you can change it ‘insitu’ but it’s not easy, involving some pretty radical levering of the tin shroud on the right hand side. However a kit is available with all the required components including a new mounting and fan pulley. Like the barrels and pistons I got these from MegaBug down sowf and was well impressed with their service.

There was a small part missing in the kit, I phoned them and it was posted out first class the next day. A word of caution though for anyone doing this conversion, if you have the so called ‘PICT34’ Solex carburettor fitted, you will not get ‘full throttle’ as the accelerator pump fouls the alternator. This is not the standard carb but is a popular ‘upgrade’ and I believe there is a spacer available that lifts the card up 12mm to clear the alternator. You can also do what this dude did on YouTube,

Jeff cleverly altered the carb linkage but I think I’ll just buy a spacer Smile 

That was pretty much it for Wednesday, on Thursday I had to walk the dogs, feed the animals, top up my batteries, fit a new volt meter and repair a puncture before heading for the 10:55 ferry.

DSCN1594  DSCN1595 DSCN1598

The wee dug knew something was going on and followed me about all morning, I felt really bad shutting her in the house and leaving Sad smile

Groove Armada here we come Smile

So that’s it, after being stressed out my nut yesterday and stuck in the classroom today I’m gonna go see one of my favourite live bands, Groove Armada who I first saw at T in the park almost 20 years ago. This is their 21st anniversary tour and their first live tour for seven years so it should be good. Sure I’ve seen them recently at Rockness and Eden doing ‘DJ sets’ but they’re far, far better live.


  1. Why have you gone for twin shocks on the Landrover? I thought they only did that on Baja buggies where they had problems with the shocks overheating.
    Are you going to be desert racing?

    Comment by Kev — December 1, 2018 @ 9:14 am

    • Hi Kev,

      I’ve had the twin shocks on the front for 15 years and could really do with them on the back too to be honest. The Land Rover is the best vehicle I have ever had for driving up and down Calum’s road, even so it eats shockers and is on it’s third or fourth set of springs. I have tried everything from the cheapest ‘Pro Comps’ to the extortionate Koni’s at £400 a pair, they seldom last more than a year or two. I have found that four ‘cheap as chips’ Pro Comps lasts much longer then a pair of De Carbon or adjustable Koni’s at three times the price. I just got a pair of Koni Grand Raid’s on the rear so we’ll see how they hold up. Daisy the Daihatsu went through four complete sets of springs in two years and my Audi 80 estate had wishbone bushes every year. The Subaru’s are holding up well with just rear springs and anti roll bar bushes once in a while. There is a nearby ‘land fill’ with almost thirty years worth of springs, struts, shockers and suspension links in it 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 1, 2018 @ 2:53 pm

      • I just have the cheapo pro comps all round on mine and find them a bit hard, or maybe thats just Land rovers for you.
        Do you have a pair of the standard shocks or are they a special softer pair?

        Comment by Kev — December 2, 2018 @ 1:43 pm

  2. any news on Molly?

    Comment by Lloyd Owen-Reece — December 9, 2018 @ 9:31 pm

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