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October 26, 2018

A busy day ahead :-)

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Must be short of imagination today to come up with a title like that hey Smile When are they not busy days? Well it’s 5:30, dark, windy but dry and yes, it did start pishing down yesterday, pretty much straight after acquiring my MOT Smile Dunno why I was surprised at that really, ‘back in the day’, I used to be an MOT tester. That was in the day when some cars, mainly Fiat’s, Lancia’s Lada’s and anything built by British Leyland often failed their first. Indeed some of the Lancia Beta’s got scrapped for serious corrosion.

Lancia Beta Coupe 2.0ie 1982.jpg

Damn shame cos they were really good cars apart from the fact they rusted quicker than they accelerated, I had the saloon version for a while and boy, did I struggle selling it Smile

One thing for sure though, that single post car lift certainly makes the pre MOT checks a breeze. Seriously though, I spent the best part of three days under the Subaru and still had clean(ish) overalls, my back didn’t hurt and I’d no rust in my eyes.

Back down the slip

So, on what started out as a reasonable day, I caught the first ferry and headed for Portree, my MOT wasn’t until 10:30 at but I needed some stuff from Portree first.

DSCN1166 DSCN1165

Not only did the Egg Chariot pass but I was complemented on my welding!!! More the actual sturdiness of the repair and heavy steel I’d used rather than the actual quality of the welds right enough but complemented nonetheless Smile Despite having spent some 40 years ‘on and off’ patching up Land Rovers, Triumph Spitfire’s Ford Cortina’s and Morris 1300’s my welding often looks like bird 5h1t Smile

DSCN1161 DSCN1164

Made the fatal mistake of giving Eddie’s dug Bruiser some treats though

DSCN1167 DSCN1168

and nearly ended up with a passenger home Smile

Armed with the new MOT I headed back home on the 13:00 ferry,


passing Raasay’s latest addition to the fishing fleet.The aptly coloured catamaran Speedwell.

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Once home it was out on the dumper ferrying rock to the bottom of the slip. I was pishing with rain now and daylight is starting to become a precious commodity.


Plan is to get Ross up on Monday with Eyre Plant’s batcher and get 5 or 6 cube of 50 Newton concrete poured at the bottom. Need to get it all ‘tied in’ before winter sets in and wrecks all our work. Ross was up with the batcher last year and poured 6 cube into my wind turbine base.

Problem is, he’ll not b e able to get the truck down there so we’ll have to take the stuff down in the dumper backwards! So, I gotta make a turning area before Monday Smile

The TCP HT500

After dumping and dinner it was out to the barn for an hour to have a look at Lachie’s tracked barrow.

DSCN1178 DSCN1177

Amongst other things, it has a few wiring issues, one of which looks like this 15Amp fuse holder, I managed to find a wiring diagram on line so that should help Smile

So, I’d better ‘jump to it’ 7:00am now and time for breakfast number 1.

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