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October 25, 2018

Another project :-)

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6:00AM and all is well, Darling wife left for work half an hour ago and it’s not raining Smile Not that that will last long, according to XC it’ll be pishing down big style by 11:00. No worries for me right enough, I’m off to Skye in the hope of acquiring an MOT for the ‘egg chariot’, having spent most of the week underneath her welding around the rear subframe. Dunno if I can cope with the stress of having five vehicles that need MOT’s Sad smile Still, I’ve a good feeling about the Subaru, at least I have now.



I nearly cried the day before yesterday when I finally finished underneath after priming and undersealing the new steel work. I lowered her to the ground went for a test run and the friggin ABS light was stuck on Sad smile 

Talk about mortified, having accidently hit one of the rear sensors very hard whilst replacing the drive shaft, my first thought was that I’d wrecked the OSR one. A quick search on the Internet confirmed a hefty price tag but that wouldn’t help me as the MOT was booked for today. Anyway, afore I got too excited I put the car back on the lift and had a look underneath.


Much to my relief I discovered that I’d trapped the sensor wires under the trailing arm mounts whilst refitting them, on both sides!!! I say ‘much to my relief’ cos it meant I’s a solution that didn’t involve money and waiting for parts but it was a real PITA to repair both sides. The rear seat has to come out to break the connection, everything was freshly covered in underseal and grease, plus the sensor wires are really fine copper sheathed in very thick and tough insulation. Still, I managed to effect a decent repair before re sealing with Densotape.

With the egg chariot finally sorted washed and hoovered out I turned my attention to that great Arnish tradition of road building,

though not with a wheelbarrow and pick Smile Great bit of footage there of Calum Macleod building the road to Arnish.


Me, I was just extending the track out of the hen field as the pigs were hanging around there to be fed and ‘poaching’ the ground.


At the low tide there was also a serious resumption of slipway engineering as I started filling in a hole with stones I’d saved from earlier excavations.


The vehicle lift I purchased also helped alleviate my parking problem Smile


And Lachie brought me a new project,


as if I’ve not got enough Smile Seriously though, his tracked barrow is needing a little TLC and I’m needing a little help with concreting Smile

Anyway, that’s it, gotta go, dogs to walk, ferry to catch etc.

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