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October 8, 2018

In the dock :-)

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21:00 now on a Monday night and that’s me ‘fed and watered’ at the Premier Inn in Greenock Smile A rather nice fiery burrito salad and prawn number inside me, and if the truth be known I’m feeling rather contented. It was pretty scabby last night at Largs pier but we departed from there this morning around 8:00am and headed for Dales dry dock at Garvel Clyde Greenock . Sure it was still pretty breezy but the sting had gone out of it and whilst it was pretty grey and damp we’d a pleasant enough two hour journey up the Clyde. The channel is well buoyed and we eased by Cloch point light an hour later

DSCN0836 DSCN0837DSCN0838

P1140119 P1140121 P1140122

Arriving at the dock gates around 10:00.


P1140125 P1140127 P1140129

Unusually we’d be docking behind the MV Isle of Arran that was already in there having major work done on her gearboxes.

DSCN0840 DSCN0843 DSCN0842

Arran had to be moved forward to let us in so the whole affair took a little longer than usual but it went like clockwork and was pure ‘text book’. With crew on each corner and good communications with the dock staff we soon had Hallaig in the correct position.

A few hours later when the dock was pumped out

DSCN0845 DSCN0844 DSCN0846

we got a good look under both of them Smile

DSCN0847 DSCN0849

Later on we lowered the ramps for Dales would be doing work on them.


It’s not until you see Hallaig’s ramp alongside Isle of Arran’s that you appreciate how big it is. Sure the Arran was built almost 40 years ago when cars and people were slimmer but even so Hallaig has two very large ramps Smile

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