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October 1, 2018

Just like the ‘burbs :-)

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Well that’s September by with so if you’re reading this today it’ll be October Smile cos it’s Sunday night now and I’m heading for bed after a rather unusual day. It’s all part of my impending retirement plan and new regime of taking it easy, part of which is relaxing on the Sabbath. OK, perhaps relaxing is too strong a word, more like ‘not being quite so manic’. With me wife being a proper ‘wage slave’ now and having a regular full time job for 5 days a week we don’t see quite so much of each other Sad smile So I thought I should start behaving like a proper husband and start doing something other than pig or hen related stuff with her Smile The distiller in the family is on ‘earlies’ this week so I figured it was about time for some ‘quality time’ together. She does after all put up with all my eccentric activities with only token complaints. Anyone else would have divorced me long ago Smile

Monday 1st October

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, that’s it October is here, we’re due in dry dock a week today and darling wife left for work almost an hour ago. Tis ‘black is pitch’ or ‘black as t’ fire back’ as they’d say in Lancashire and I’ll try and pick up where I left off last night with three cans of cider in me. As I was saying, it wasn’t a regular kind of day here ‘on the croft’ yesterday, in fact apart from feeding the animals,

  DSCN0730 DSCN0731

it  was rather unusual. Sure I got up as normal, if not a little later then took the dogs out for a walk. This time heading round to the neighbours with some eggs

DSCN0707 DSCN0708

and admiring the firs signs of autumn, a golden rowan tree being one of many. Saturday’s bellowing stag being another and the squadrons of geese heading east one more. The equinoctial gales have been filling up the batteries and I guess pretty soon they’ll be banging on about ‘leaves on the line’!! What on earth is that all about? They never had ‘leaves on the line’ when I was a lad, sure they say they loose traction or grip cos of them but why? they never used to, or at least they never used to advertise it so much, is it because :-

1 We are now so ‘risk averse’ that it’s deemed unsafe.

2 The trees are so protected it’s now impossible to cut them down.

3 It’s actually all the feckin Japanese knotweed that now thrives along the railway embankments cos the rail companies or Railtrack will do FA about it.

4 The rail companies do not get penalised financially for being late due to ‘leaves on the line’ so they use it as an excuse. 

Not that it’ll bother me right enough but I’ve changed a lifetime habit of listening to Radio 4 into one of Radio 2 so I get regular updates now on this and the state of the M25 Smile To be honest, I still prefer R4 but can’t here it so well now unless I’ve got me ‘twin hearing aids in’ and I seldom wear those at home. And no, it’s not so I can’t here the wife nagging, it’s cos they keep falling out when I’m putting on and off various other ‘aids’ like welding mask, hats, ear defenders, goggles etc, etc. Anyway, as I’m usually on my own most of the time there seems little point.

Back on track

Anyway, enough of ‘leaves on the line’, where was I,

DSCN0709 DSCN0710 DSCN0711

oh yes, doing what normal people do in the suburbs on Sunday, washing the cars (and the digger Smile ). Then around midday dressed in smart (for me) clothes I took my darling wife out for lunch in her freshly cleaned car. Raasay House are doing a Sunday roast dinner from 14:00 for just £11.00 and having sampled one before knew ho good it was likely to be. The early set off was to enable me to take Bonzo a good walk before hand and retrieve my glasses from his owner. I’d left my best pair at Peter’s last week and whilst I’ve plenty of spares most of them have only one leg or are so scratched that I can’t see out of them.


After returning Bonzo we drove up to the imposing Georgian mansion and headed for a lovely warm dining room. The one on the bottom right, now called Glamaig but 19 years ago, before the fire and renovation, the room was known as ‘the wooden lounge’ and it’s where we got married Smile

DSCN0714 DSCN0713 DSCN0719

There’s a choice of three meals in the £11.00 menu, today it was roast beef, pork belly or the vegetarian option. We both opted for the beef,having previously had both pork belly and venison on another occasion. Most of the meals were made with local ingredients, though I’m not sure about the cow, certainly the venison and pork were. Anyway, it was absolutely delicious, in lovely surroundings and served by friendly staff.


DSCN0715 DSCN0716 DSCN0717

Local artist Fiona Stones work adding to the relaxed ambiance of the affair Smile

After that we headed home, the day was getting better and I could still manage a few jobs before it got dark if I was quick Smile


Aspen at Tarbert,


the rustling tree as it’s known in Gaelic, the aspen makes a lovely ‘rattle’ in the breeze as the leaves die off.


Sur enough, once home, I got changed and repaired the dumper’s old inner tube


fed the animals,


whilst being watched by a group of hinds and then did a bit more painting of me shed floor. Now it’s 7:30, fully light and time to do some work.

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