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September 28, 2018

A rainbow day :-)

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There was a severe lack of enthusiasm this morning in the Camilli household. Poor wife departed for the Raasay at 5:30 and I stayed in bed for an extra couple of hours. It was pure lashing down, dark and howling outside, this I new cos I could here it!!! If you can actually hear anything outside our house you know it’s loud or bad. The meter thick natural stone gable end and triple glazing insulate us from all but the largest commotion outdoors, well that and the fact I’m pretty deaf Smile Seriously though, it was daylight afore I arose yesterday and the view outside did not impress me one jot.


You couldn’t see much past the mouth of Loch Arnish and I got the distinct impression it was ‘on for the day’ despite what XC was saying.

Aye right

According to a rather optimistic forecast the sun would be out by 11:00 and it was gonna be a cracking day, perfect for what I had planned. Having dragged all my concreting kit up from the shore yesterday, it was ‘on the cards’ to mark out and set the bases for me new Searider shelter. However as that would require lots of accurate marking out and grovelling about on me knees then I’d be waiting until it stopped raining!

So, I pottered around for a few hours feeding the animals, getting stuff ready in the shed and walking the dug, it was so bad outside that Molly refused to go outside. Leah, me Mam’s old Lab showed no such qualms and happily followed me out into the pishing rain and stiff westerly. Methinks that dug has some Newfoundland in her cos it’s the devil’s own job to stop her leaping into each and every puddle. Given the choice between the road an a nice wet drain she always walks in the drain!! Does my head in cos every time we get back home she’s soaking wet, even if it’s dry outside! Methinks she does it deliberately cos she loves being dried with a towel Smile



By the time we finally did get out it was high tide and there was a reasonable swell running so we went to inspect the slipway and all was peachy.

DSCN0636 DSCN0637

After that and of course drying the dug I got on with power washing the hens house decking which had been getting a little slippy. One thing the wet and miserable day WAS good for was power washing Smile The north side of the hen shed only gets a little sun in the morning and none at all now until March so it is prone to going green so to speak.


By 10:00 it had almost stopped raining and even Skye was visible, though no sign of the promised blue sky, still, after a couple of hard boiled eggs mashed up with avocado and mayonnaise on toast I set forth outside in earnest and without oil skins.

  DSCN0639 DSCN0640

It was still pretty wet right enough but at least none of the water was falling from the sky and I got on with the task that was to take me all of the day. I needed to mark out and make four templates to set the anchor studs for my uprights in concrete.

DSCN0641 DSCN0642

Some of the studs would be grouted into the existing pad but many would be going into yet to be poured concrete and attached to RSJ’s from the old chalet.

DSCN0644 090315 007 090315 003

Hard to believe anything useful came out of the ruins of our chalet four years ago but these 7m long RSJ’s have been used in my wind turbine base, slipway and now Searider shelter. This is the very last one and I’ve only 150cm left of it Sad smile

DSCN0645 DSCN0646 DSCN0648

The whole job taking an inordinate amount of time cos It kept pishing with rain at very short notice and I’d to keep packing my tools away Sad smile Still there were plenty of rainbows as a result Smile And, deaf or not, I heard the first stag bellowing today in the late afternoon.

DSCN0649 DSCN0650 DSCN0651

The slow progress continued after the chili and baked potato dinner right up until the sun went down, by which time I’d gotten most of the shuttering done and finished painting my shed floor.

There was certainly no lack of enthusiasm this morning, I was up at 5:30 just in time to see Darling Wife’s tail lights heading down the road to work. Still barely set foot outside the house right enough and it is almost 7:00am now but dark and at least dry, concrete here we come. Well after walking the dugs, feeding the animals and having first breakfast of course.

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