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November 28, 2017

Let the real work commence :-)

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Well, that has to be the quickest fortnight ever Smile The old ‘two weeks on’ just rocketed by this shift, sure a coupe of the days where a bit of a drag but on the whole it whizzed by. I guess the few hiccups thrown up by the annual dry docking helped, work always passes quicker when you’re up to your neck in ‘muck and spanners’ not that the Hallaig is by any means mucky but we have had our share of ‘spannering’ this shift. Of course working with different ‘shipmates’ always helps too, a change is as good as a rest as they say. The ‘Rocket Man’s’ excellent bread and poached eggs also assisting to ease the passage of two weeks at work.

P1120888 P1120892

And no, I’m not talking about Kim Jong-Un or even Elton John

but our very own VR pilot.

P1120881 P1120882 P1120883 P1120884

He’s been practising for the ski slopes

P1120878 Ski goggles

as well as giving me a first class haircut Smile


Aint that a ‘beezer’ for November Smile must remember to pick up a bottle of red tomorrow as payment Smile

So, that’s it, I’m home, it’s 19:30, the first glass of ‘19 Crimes’ red wine has just slid nicely down my throat and I’m getting ready for some serious work around the croft.


Since I last posted we’ve had a bit of a cold spell, and a spell of west and north  wind,

P1120874 P1120876 P1120877

Hardly the freezing temperatures experienced by many, the Gulf Stream sees to that, but it’s been cold enough for snow and the ‘wind chill’ makes it feel much cooler. I also abandoned the wee Terios in favour of the Land Rover for a couple of days. The Land Rover can get me into work even  when the snow plough and a JCB cannot get to Arnish Smile


The rear view of the amazing Suisnish boat shed

whilst out walking  Bonzo.


Ben Tianavaig with a dusting of snow and


a confused rhoddy. I guess flowering rhododendron aint unusual further sowf at this time of year but it  is here.

P1120887  P1120886

Different ends of the same rainbow.


You wouldn’t believe it was the same day hey!


Just another ‘hiccup’ from the docking but we got it sorted.

290315 020

Well sorted in fact, the ‘drencher’ is aptly named Smile

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