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November 12, 2017

The leaky ‘leak offs’ :-(

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The countdown has begun, Sunday now and only ‘two more sleep’ to work, a whole month by with and I’ve no idea where it went. That’s me finally gotten rid of the smell of diesel and just polished off a couple of scallops cooked with chorizo as a starter to the crab, chili and sundried tomato pasta we’re just about to eat. Darling wife is busy slaving over a hot stove whilst I polish off a can of cider whilst listening to ‘Gatecrasher  Classics’ on YouTube. That hen crab I picked up diving the other day was pure stashed with brown meat, which to be honest is what I prefer. Most people keep the white meat separate and then just save a bit to mix in with the brown meat, adding breadcrumbs to bulk it up and tame it down. Me I just mix all the crab meat together and only add breadcrumbs if it’s a a bit mushy, which if you’ve not overcooked the crab or got one that’s not long since cast it’s shell it shouldn’t be. The hen I’d picked up was just perfect so needed nothing added, she was also stuffed with the bright orange roe which all adds to the flavour, again this is something people often eat separately

P1040465 P1040466 

You can tell it’s a hen cos the claws are much smaller and the flappy bit on the bottom is much wider.


That’s the cock I got last week, the shells are also not quite so convex on the males, anyway, the dressing procedure is the same and well covered here

Me, I just use a desert spoon to break the shell and a teaspoon with a narrow handle to extract the meat, no need for hammers or any special picky things.

P1040467 P1040468 P1040470

This I all did at ‘stupid o clock’ yesterday morning, having run out of VAT returns to do. Well, at least I think it was yesterday, it certainly wasn’t today, for this morning I managed to stay in bed until almost 7:00am and believe me, it wasn’t easy.

Stinky diesel

Today was pretty much a re run of the last couple of days with me working round at the chalet site taking round rock to level it. The Storr had its first dusting of snow in the morning but by PM it was just on the ridge.

P1120742 P1120751

It was whilst looking at the right hand picture that I though I saw some people on it.

Five folk

Boodly hell, they’re over 6 miles away!!! that Panasonic DMC-FZ72 really does have an impressive zoom.

P1120743 P1120744 P1120745

I dunno how many trips I made but I do know some of them went ‘pear shaped’, the first sign of which was a smell of diesel then lots of white smoke Sad smile


One of the injector ‘leak off’ pipes had split and was spraying diesel onto the air cooled Deutz F3 1011F engine. The rest of the pipes were showing signs of age too so I ordered up some spare off the Internet and managed to shorten the pipe that returns to the tank and used the ‘off cut’ to repair the split one.

P1120747 Leaky

That lasted all of two trips before another one split and then another, all the while the return pipe was getting shorter. Fortunately it takes a long route back to the fuel tank and there was plenty spare, trouble was it wasn’t much better than what I was replacing.

P1120750 P1120752

Still, I can think of worse places to break down and the pigs always came along to help me out.

Indestructible? well almost

In between dumping, getting covered in diesel going deaf from the lack of a silencer on me dumper I spent a little time on my mates Pioner Maxi. Now many is the time that I’ve ‘waxed lyrical’ about the durability of these wee plastic boats and many is the time I’ve said that they were totally bombproof. Well on the whole they are but this one was more like ‘nuked’ than conventionally bombed so to speak. This MKII Pioner spent at least a full week upside down in the surf zone with the engine on during a spell of north westerly gales and spring tides at Arnish. It wasn’t totally wrecked but did need major surgery, most of which was done by Caley Marina of Inverness. Anyways, it was full of water just now and need the rowlocks removing. The water I removed by tying to the dumper and lifting it up, the rowlocks proved a little trickier but were sorted with a hammer, screwdriver and WD40 Smile


Seriously though, if you want a small, durable, easy to handle and ‘idiot proof’ boat, you can’t go wrong with a Pioner Word of warning though, the MKII version, like the one above is a far better bet than the earlier ones which do NOT ‘self drain’. If you leave the earlier ones out in the rain they will just fill up with water Sad smile still great boats though Smile


Trucking rock all day during the daylight hours wasn’t all I did, as it got dark and I called time on that then I turned my attention to my Ifor William’s tipping trailer. This 2ton capacity trailer has shifted tons and tons of concrete mix and just as much stone chips, it does however have a severe drawback that was sorted on later models (just like the Pioner really) and that is the weakness of the jockey wheel. Well, I fixed that on Saturday night by fitting a much heavier duty ribbed one.

P1120755 P1120758 P1120759 P1120761

As usual, my magnetic drill proving a ‘Godsend’ for boring 2 x 18mm holes in the trailer chassis to fit the clamp.

As mentioned earlier, I had a lie in this morning and most of the day was spent shifting rock and repairing leaky ‘leak off’ pipes Sad smile



P1120765 P1120767 P1120768

it could have been a lot worse Smile

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