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November 11, 2017

Very peaceful :-)

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After a good spell of wild weather and two 100kWh days in a row it was good to arise today at a sane 5:30 and be greeted by relative calm.


A mere 10mph of wind from the north west,


far far more relaxing than Thursday’s force 9. Having said that, it was a great day apart from the occasional fierce showers of rain and hail. The hail being particularly brutal as I spent a good part of the day on the dumper shifting rock.

 Stupid o clock again Sad smile

It didn’t start off great though, I was awake at 3:00am and up for 4:00 and having updated the blog the night before was ‘at a bit of a loose end’. Having nothing else to do and not feeling bold enough just yet to venture outside I did another VAT return. I know, I know, I did one last week, well that one was late, this one will be early Smile Good job I never owe HMRC any money or they’d be down on me like ‘a ton of bricks’ for late payment Smile

There was nothing actually stopping me going out to the shed really, other than my morning ritual of ‘coming round slowly’. That is, I do like to have at least one full pot of tea or coffee before setting forth.


At the moment it’s coffee I’m ‘in to’ and brewing on the electric hotplate on the cooker it smells amazing.

The joy of electricity

After almost thirty years of fires, stoves and other means of combustion within the house there are only two things I miss about not having a wood stove and one of them is the smell of hot coffee from the pot that was usually on it. The other is having an incinerator in the house for all the bones and carp that would normally go in the bin and smell. You know prawn tails, crab shell, fish bones, etc, the things that inevitably now go in the bin the day after the bin men collect it leaving you with a honking smell every time you open it and a squadron of flies around it all summer.

As it is with all the wind an all I’ve been leaving that 300w hot plate on all day and I swear it’s been heating the whole house which has been sat at 23 degrees for days now. Of course the heating is switched on and has been for over a week now but it’s not actually coming on until the middle of the night when the hot plate is off. This I know cos I can feel it when I walk barefoot to the bog in the night Smile 

Anyway, once the coffee pot was finished I did venture outside, at least to the barn to some some work on my quad.

P1120708 P1120709

The 2007 Honda Foreman was needing a spark plug and oil change and unlike all other quads I’ve owned this one requires major surgery to get at the spark plug with all those panels on the left side needing removed. The oil change I never did cos I discovered I’d not got any oil!!! Well, I’ve got hunners of oil but as with everything else these days it requires a special one. Gone are the days when you could purchase a 205lt barrel of BP C3 Vanellus 15W 30 and use it in everything from the generator to car. Now I have to carry about 6 grades of oil for my fleet and have a helluva a job keeping track of them all. The Daihatsu need 5W 30 the Subaru !0W 30, the dumper 15W 40 and so on and that’s not including which ones are synthetic or semi synthetic!!!!!

Anyways, once daylight broke I went along to the Schoolhouse to top up the Rolls batteries, I’d been in the dark a few days ago and seen they needed doing but I wanted to go back in daylight to have a good look at the track. We had spent the whole of last weekend working on it and I wanted t see how it was looking after all the rain.


The large drain we’d fitted was working well but it was this part above I was concerned about, it had always had water rising in the middle of it and had turned to mush. We did dig it out put in some perforated pipe the back fill it with rocks and gravel but when we left it last week it was still quite soft. I was hoping that it was just cos we were using the waterlogged stuff off the car park to put on top and that it would eventually dry out. Well despite the constant rain it had done, and whilst not looking very pretty it was at least firm, a few more shovel loads of gravel in the puddles should sort it.

P1120713 P1120714 P1120712

Thirsty batteries

These Rolls series 400 are the same batteries that I use, though mine is double the size and boy do they go through some water, that was a good half a 25lt container to top them up and it’s not more than 2 months since I last did them. I also ‘back flushed’ the water filtration system whilst I was there, though I must confess at not being too impressed with this fancy piece of kit that’s supposed to do a much better job than my system.



After dealing with the batteries and water at the Schoolhouse it was back home for more coffee, a warm up and breakfast number 2. The two fried eggs I’d prior to leaving the house were wearing off so a bowl of porridge was called for. Then after greasing up the dumper I fitted a ‘roof rack’ to it Smile I’d lost Molly off the back a couple of times and was frightened of her going under the wheels or something so I screwed an old fish box on top of the engine compartment for her to sit in.

P1120715 P1120717

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to think of this as it’s a great place to carry some rope, the grease gun and any fuel I need for the machine at Tarbert.

P1120719 P1120720

Trucking 3 ton loads back from Tarbert I was party to some beautiful rainbows

P1120728 P1120730

including one on Pipers Rock above Torran.


A safe mooring

During a lull in the weather around high tide I got the mooring laid out at the fish slip at last.

P1120722 P1120723

Of course the two pigs came down to help and even waited for me to return whilst I went diving for half an hour. I got the riser attached to the anchor and ground chain OK then went off to pick up some scallops a crab and some sea urchins, sadly the crab crushed two of the urchins so only one got eaten.


So that’s it, I now have a safe mooring for the Searider on my doorstep Smile


I say ‘safe’ but it’s pretty exposed to the north west, though I did keep much larger and heavier craft here for years with no issues.

That done, it was back to trucking rock to the house until dark.

P1120729 P1120735

Then it was a couple of hours working on the dumper

P1120736 P1120739

changing oil and filters, greasing and adjusting the handbrake. Why is it that dumpers always have the sump plug in a stupid place!!! no matter how large a container you have it’s impossible to get all the oil in it!!!!

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